Pest Control Service in Sacramento Discusses 7 Roach Prevention Tips

Cockroaches are the most classical example of pests in the home or office. They seem indestructible and are rumored to be able to survive nuclear bombs. Clearly, it can be difficult to eradicate them once they’ve moved in and made themselves comfortable. It’s important to take preventative measures to make sure they don’t move in in the first place. Like all pests, there are certain conditions in which cockroaches thrive. Ensuring your home isn’t appealing to cockroaches will help keep them out. Below are 7 quick tips on how to prevent cockroaches from moving in but if you find your home has already been infested, it’s crucial you contact a pest control service in Sacramento.

Tip 1: Eliminate Any Standing Water

While cockroaches can live without food for an entire month and then only need a few crumbs, they require water at least weekly. Eliminating the opportunity for cockroaches to rely on a source of water in your home will help make it difficult for them to survive. While you may be able to tolerate a slight leak in the kitchen sink, thinking of it as a flowing river for cockroaches to thrive may help you see the leak for what it is – cockroach bait. Be sure to check the entire home for standing water. This included kitchen and bathroom sinks and other water features, the garage, and the basement.

Tip 2: Clean the Dishes Daily

While it may seem okay to leave dishes in the sink overnight, it can attract cockroaches. Sitting food and water is a cockroaches dream. Being sure you clean the dishes as soon as possible and keep the kitchen sink clear and sanitary will remove a major attractant for roaches. Make it a habit to clean up as you go and to clean the dishes before getting into bed.

Tip 3: Clean Around Appliances

Be sure to wipe down counters and sweep food crumbs often. Keeping cleaning wipes and a broom in a convenient location can make it easy to do a quick cleanup after any kitchen use. Cockroaches really don’t need much food to get by, so you should be sure to clean up any and all food. This includes grease build-up and food spills along the side of appliances and under the counters. Do a thorough cleaning often and address any spills immediately. Don’t think it’s a lost cause if it goes over the side of the counter. Taking an out-of-sight, out-of-mind approach is a great way to welcome cockroaches into your home and once they enter, you’ll need a pest control service in Sacramento to get them out.

Tip 4: Trash Control

Stinky trash cans are be very attractive to cockroaches. By keeping all trash in a closed container and taking the trash out often, you can eliminate the accessibility of a necessary cockroach attractant. Investing in a trash container with a tight-fitting lid and taking it out each and every night can do wonders to keep cockroaches away. If you compost, this is especially important.

Tip 5: Eliminate Food Sources

Cockroaches are able to survive on pretty much any form of food and don’t require much of it. It’s important to keep in mind that any food is a buffet to cockroaches. Taking measures to eliminate this food is a great way to prevent their infestation. This can include putting pet food that they don’t finish away each night and cleaning the bowl they use to remove any remnants. Limiting food consumption to just one room in the house makes it easier to keep track of the potential food source and decreases the area that will need serious and frequent cleaning.

Tip 6: Block Entry Points

Making the external area of your home unattractive to cockroaches will limit their desire to come in. While it’s a great idea to get treatment on the surface of your home, cockroaches often enter via sewage pipes. Installing a screen in all pipes leading to the home is a wonderful way to make it hard for them to come in. Using sealant to cover any holes or gaps on the exterior of your home also decreases the number of entry points. Contact a pest control service in Sacramento to learn more about how to do this.

Tip 7: Eliminate Hiding Spots

Making it as uncomfortable as possible for cockroaches will help prevent them living in your home. Insects and people alike want to feel comfortable and secure where they live. Cockroaches love small crevices and dark places. Some ways to eliminate these hidey-holes include:

  • Seal off cracks and crevices using a sealant and copper mesh around light and wall fixtures.
  • Decrease places for them to hide and eliminate an entry point by being sure windows and doors fit squarely within their frames. Having a gap allows cockroaches to waltz right in and set up camp in the same space.
  • Tape down holes and crevices in appliances and where the connect to power if there’s a gap.

Having a cockroach infestation can be one of the worst nightmares! Contact a pest control service in Sacramento to rid your home of those pesky pests and bring some peace of mind to your humble abode.

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