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a carpenter ant crawling on the ground

Sacramento's Exclusive Guide To Ant Control

January 10, 2020

While ants are difficult to get rid of, you can still prevent them from invading in the first place. Here are some important ant prevention tips you can use to keep your home ant-free.... Read More

termite tubes on a cement pipe

Signs That You Have Termites On Your Roseville Property

December 26, 2019

You might have a run-in with termites if you have a wooden fence around your property, or a wooden shed outback, or a deck, or a home that is made of wood, or wooden structures supporting your home... As you can tell, basically any homeowner in Roseville could find themselves with a termite problem.... Read More

a mouse in a bow of cereal

Debunking Myths About House Mice In Elk Grove

December 19, 2019

How much do you know about mice? Instead of trying to guess how to identify these pests, how to keep them out of your house, and what to do if they get in, keep reading to learn everything you need to know. Mice are sometimes a forgotten pest. However, if they get into your house, they become impossible to ignore. Before that happens, let us help you get your house mouse facts straight.... Read More

two cockroaches crawling on a kitchen counter

All The Ways You Are Unknowingly Attracting Cockroaches Into Your Folsom Home

December 12, 2019

You would never put a sign on your front door that says: “Cockroaches Welcome: Come On In!” Your home is not a cockroach hotel, and these creepy pests should not be made welcome in your home. But you may be sending inviting signals without realizing it. There are many factors that attract cockroaches to a home. We’ll break down some of the most common attractors and show you how to avoid inviting roaches to come and stay at y... Read More

a bed bug on white linens

How Did I Get Bed Bugs in My Sacramento Home?

December 5, 2019

There are some pests that seem easy to avoid. Cockroaches are likely to get in your house if you leave trash lying around. If you leave the door open in the winter, you’ll probably get rodents. And standing water can lead to more mosquitoes. Securing trash, closing doors, and not leaving standing water in your yard can help you avoid these pests... Read More

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