Folsom Pest Control

Here at Neighborly Pest Management, we know the people of Folsom take pride in their home. It can be stressful when a home or business owner discovers pests in their building. It doesn’t matter if the pests scamper, crawl, or fly, Neighborly Pest Management is the Folsom pest control expert that can help you out.

Our state certified and licensed exterminators are nearby, so they get to you fast. Our proximity and trained technicians have made us the exterminators Folsom, CA, property owners call when they need reliable pest control service.

Folsom Pest Control Service You Can Trust

Neighborly Pest Management, Inc. has offered our Folsom pest control services to the since 1978. We are a local company that is family owned and very proud of our great employees and our unmatched service record. Our philosophy is built on the simple principles of hiring great people, train them very well and going the extra mile for our customers. All of our employees are drug screened and background checked. They receive monthly training on the latest products and techniques and they are the best in the business.

Pest Control Service in Folsom

Our experience as a folsom pest control company since 1978, has put us well ahead of the game. We have investigated all the techniques and studied all the theories, taking what works best and applying them in the field. Our technicians come to your home or business and provide you with a free inspection that will cover pests such as roaches, fleas, termites, bedbugs and ants.

Of the several pests that can cause damage to the structure of your home or property, termites are the worst. Every year, these insects account for billions of dollars in property damage nationwide. Termites will destroy wood and other cellulose materials. In the most severe events, termites can eventually tunnel through the entire wooden framework of your home or business, making it unsafe for occupation.

Folsom pest control company Neighborly Pest Management Inc. is experienced in termite control services and provide services throughout Folsom, CA.

When it comes to Mice and Rats, or other types of rodent found in the Folsom area, Neighborly Pest Management Inc. is the most experienced and qualified in rodent control and removal. We will eliminate and permanently deter any type of rodent from gaining access to your home or commercial property. Keep in mind, these pests are vectors of serious disease transmittable to humans. They will chew through nearly anything, leave almost 3000 droplets of urine every twenty-four hours, Whether the intrusion is a commercial facility, building, or home, Neighborly Pest Management’s Inc. rodent protection program will ensure you are well protected.

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Gain Peace of Mind

Enjoy the comfort of your home without ants, termites, and spiders invading.  Don’t stress about cleaning every crumb just to avoid hundreds of ants. We will keep these pests from interfering with your daily activities. 

Preserve Your Health

Bugs and critters can be dangerous. Avoid the risk of venomous bites, known allergens, serious diseases, and other contaminants resulting from residential pest activity. 

Protect Your Property

Pests can easily damage homes and decrease property values. Our customized service will not let pests establish themselves around your home. Be confident that you are protecting one of your largest assets.

Ready to Gain Control Over These Pests?

A little bit about Folsom, CA

Folsom, CA is a fast progressive city, and a high tech town. Folsom is an excellent community with  superb schools, tons of shopping and dinning options, and plenty of recreational options. Folsom has tons of events such as a Renaissance Faire, a Spring Eggstravaganza, and Concerts in the Park. Folsom Lake brings people in from all around Folsom to enjoy the clear blue water.

Folsom Pest Control

Our favorite parts of Folsom, CA

One of the most popular destinations in Folsom, CA is Folsom Lake. The Folsom Lake reservoir is formed by Folsom Dam which was built to control and retain the American River. The lake features campsites, boat ramps, and picnic areas. Folsom Lake is a great place for biking, fishing, hiking, and even horseback riding. There is ton of wildlife at the lake which adds to the beautiful scenery. People from all over northern California come to Folsom to visit Folsom Lake.

Folsom City Zoo

A hidden gem in Folsom is the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary. The Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary is not like a typical zoo, the animals at this zoo are rescue animals. Most of the animals are either injured wildlife or illegal pets. Unlike traditional zoos, all the animals at Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary are not bred, sold, or traded. The zoo has been in operation since 1963 and has been a safe place for many animals. The Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary is home to an array of different animals including birds, bears, reptiles, and everything in between!

Historic Folsom

Historic Folsom has plenty of things to explorer including art galleries, antique stores, boutiques, restaurants, and even a live theater. Old Folsom is a mix of businesses that have been there 20+ years and other businesses that are just getting their fresh start. On Saturdays Historic Folsom hosts a farmers market. Local farmers bring out locally grown fruits, vegetables, fresh baked goods, and fresh eggs. There are also a number of vendors that sell their products at these farmers markets. These markets in Historic Folsom really give the town that comforting feeling of a close-knit community.


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