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Ant Control & Extermination Services

Ants easily find their way into buildings or homes by entering through cracks, frames, foundations, window sills, porches, and garages. It’s their breeding habits and size that make the task so daunting. Neighborly Pest Management Inc. specializes in complete ant control services throughout Sacramento, Folsom, and Roseville since 1978. Although you might not think so, according to the National Pest Management Association, “Ants are the number one nuisance pest in the United States.”

Different Types Of Ants

  1. Workers
  2. Queens
  3. Soldiers

Being social insects, it is common for ant colonies to be overbearingly large. The worker ants are the ants you see gathering food and protecting the nest. Outdoors, ants commonly nest underground in soil, or within rotting wood. However, ants will nest indoors in locations that range from inside wall cavities, within insulation, underneath floorboards, in foundation walls, under concrete slabs, and within rotting window frames.

DIY Ant Removal

True ant control comes from colony elimination. Most DIY products only control the ants that you see and do not eliminate the colony. Ants are smart enough to separate and divide into colonies with all new workers, queens, and spread throughout other nearby areas. When it comes to ants, you can save time and money by hiring a professional that gets rid of the colony, not just a few at a time.

Ant Extermination Process

Neighborly Pest Management Inc. has experienced ant control technicians that will identify the problem and zone in on what type of ant infestation has occurred. Our technicians will then be able to treat the structure, inside and out, to make sure that the colony is eliminated.

  • Indoor treatments.
  • Whenever possible, we use several low impact approaches to the surrounding environment. Control strategies can include treatment with gel baits, ant bait reservoirs, and monitor traps.
  • Outdoor Ant Extermination.
  • We inspect to find entry points and close them off. We treat all active areas on the exterior of your home and use products that continue to provide protection from future infestation.

Neighborly Pest Management Inc. has been pleased to offer a great variety of pest services to the greater Sacramento area since 1978. We are a local company that is family owned and very proud of our great employees and our unmatched service record. Nothing is more important to us than controlling difficult pests while protecting people and the environment. Our pest management services are built around the principles of IPM (Integrated Pest Management). This means that we take special care to inspect, monitor, exclude and use the least toxic materials when treatment is needed.




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