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The moment you see fleas in your home, contact a professional pest management company. Although they are able to feed on rodents, mammals, or humans. Dogs and cats are the ideal host for fleas. Fleas are nimble, quick, and have three pairs of legs to find a host. When combining research with real world data provided by our customer feedback, we have found an integrated pest management approach to be the best strategy for killing fleas at all life cycles. Since Neighborly Pest Management Inc. is operated by a licensed Pest Control Operator, we have years worth of experience studying the life cycle and habits of fleas within the home.

The Appearance of Fleas

Out of the over 2500 species of fleas in the world, approximately only 325 of those have active breeding populations in the United States. An estimated 94% of these fleas latch onto mammal hosts for blood while the remaining 6% target birds. Mature fleas are about 1/8 of an inch long and oval-shaped. Despite their miniature size, their bodies are easily identifiable in comparison to other pests. The first trait you’ll notice is how flat they are, coupled with their reddish-brown color. Fleas also lack wings, their thinness allowing them to move quickly and effortlessly through the fur of your pets.

Facts About Fleas:

  • Animals roaming around your neighborhood are a constant supply of fleas
  • Fleas can jump up to eight feet (150 times their own height!)
  • Fleas can hibernate for long periods of time
  • The diet of a flea and the home of a flea can often be the same thing
  • Fleas have existed for millions of years

Despite their ability to feed on a variety mammals; rodents, deer, cats, and even humans, dogs and cats happen to be the preferred host for most flea species. Fleas are typically successful at making its way into your pet’s body the minute it heads outside. Fleas make quick work of latching themselves to the underbelly of your pet through the use of their nimble three pairs of legs, allowing not only amazing leaping ability, but great prehensile grip once hitched.

Aside from the usual pets, we’ve grown to love around our households, like dogs and cats, fleas are also commonly found on rodents such as rats, mice, and squirrels (as well as any other furred mammals that reside in your local community/habitat).

DIY Flea Removal

If you notice fleas in your home, it’s imperative that you contact a pest management company. Many flea victims go to stores in search of an over-the-counter product in hopes their problems will be solved, but often find the problem to continue no matter how many DIY treatments they make. That’s because fleas need to be controlled at all life cycles, including the eggs. DIY treatments can give you the results that a trained technician with years of experience can. When it comes to fleas, save your money and call us first.

Flea Behavior and Biology

Most would assume, the biggest cause for concern in your home would be fully grown adult fleas. Unfortunately, these comprise of only about 20% of the flea population. The other 80% are comprised of flea eggs, and larvae treating your beloved pet as a nursery. Even though adults are only 20% of the problem… they cause 100% of the stress and frustration. Rest assured, Neighborly Pest Management is operated by a Licensed Operator, and we have decades of experience studying and understanding the life cycle, habits and control of fleas within the household. While combining industry research with accumulated client data over the years, we here at Neighborly have developed an Integrated Pest Management approach that’s proven to eradicate fleas at all life cycles.

Residential Flea Removal & Control Services

Our professional flea technicians take a strategic approach by first targeting flea larvae, and eggs. Once the incoming generation is wiped out, our team goes after the adults. While difficult to deal with, they are way easier to spot and kill. We then take proactive, preventative measures with approved pesticides, to ensure the entire population is taken out for good. You can rest assured that our team will thoroughly inspect your home or business, to make sure ALL fleas have been eradicated.

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