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Sacramento pest control company provides the most effective roach control services throughout Roseville, Folsom and the Greater Sacramento Area. We have been eliminating roaches since our modest beginnings in 1978. Roaches aren’t only a nuisance, but a huge health risk. If you happen to spot a few in your home, we can guarantee there are more hiding elsewhere.

At Sacramento pest control company, our roach control technicians have years of experience in combatting even the most severe infestations. Large commercial buildings or small homes, we will handle the project with ease.

Facts About Roaches

  • Contaminate food
  • Transmit disease
  • Create allergies
  • Are active mostly at nighttime
  • Can survive for a month without food (or ahead)
  • Spread rapidly
  • Can usually be found in the kitchen

Poor sanitation can take a bad roach problem and make it horrible. Roaches are adept at crawling through spaces and in between walls. This means your neighbor’s roach problem, could become YOUR roach problem. The level of stress, unhappiness, general discomfort and even embarrassment brought about by your roach issue knows no bounds.

Roach Infestation

Scientists confirm roaches have been around millions of years before we got here. We say they’ll still be around long after we’re gone, even a nuclear fallout wouldn’t dent their numbers. Because of their extremely high rate of reproduction and reclusive nature roaches are tough to exterminate. After dark, you may see them come out in the kitchen looking for food. During the day, you might only spot them in the back of cabinets or behind shelving. Seeing them out in broad daylight may mean you’ve got a serious infestation problem.

Roach Control Services and Removal

Because roaches reproduce so rapidly, we utilize the very best Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques to get down to the heart of the problem. Our professional roach technician will begin targeting the locations roach eggs have been found, in breeding zones, and begin inspecting your home for signs of infestation.

At Neighborly Pest Management, Inc., we specialize in providing monthly Roach control treatments to all business enterprises. Our value is especially recognized in the food industry where owners/operators stress about health grades. Our technicians will keep your facility clean, roach-free and even educate staff on how to maintain a sanitized environment that will not attract roaches.

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