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When it comes to Mice and Rats, or other types of rodent found in the greater Sacramento area, Neighborly Pest Management Inc. is the most experienced and qualified in rodent control and removal. We will eliminate and permanently deter any type of rodent from gaining access to your home or commercial property. Keep in mind, these pests are vectors of serious disease transmittable to humans. They will chew through nearly anything, leave almost 3000 droplets of urine every twenty-four hours whether the intrusion is a commercial facility, building, or home, Neighborly Pest Management’s Inc. rodent protection program will ensure you are well protected.

Signs of Rodents:

  • Holes or ripped packaging
  • Structural damage directly next to entry points from outdoors
  • Damp smells
  • Clawing or chewing sounds within walls or outdoors
  • Droppings along the floor especially near food or water sources<

Rodent Elimination and Proofing Services

Trained professionals will perform an on-site analysis of all ideal rodent access points. Our rodent eliminating and proofing services start by locating and identifying pest harborage sites and entry points. Eliminating the current pest activity is crucial to start repairing those entry points. Using exclusion brushes for doors, sealants, steel mesh, sheet metal, cement, and escutcheon plates ensure proper exclusion. Any pest problem, concern or comment you have will be taken care of. We can also make the necessary recommendations to prevent pest activity in the future.

Mice Elimination and Control Services

By nature’s standards, mice are considerably curious rodents, painless to catch and easily get caught in traps. Just relying on traps won’t do. Our technicians will have the entire property inspected for mice entry points and properly sealed so your mice problems cease to exist.

Rat Elimination and Control Services

Rats are more commonly a challenge to eliminate because they are more cautious when approaching new things and far less curious than mice. Rats can swim fearlessly through sewer lines to enter buildings in holes the size of a quarter. Our technicians will apply a sturdy material to seal up any holes they may have access to and educate your family or staff on preventative techniques. This could include proper waste disposal, food storage, and clean landscaping.

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