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Residential Pest Control in the Greater Sacramento Area

Nothing is more agonizing for a homeowner as owning a home completely infested with rodents and pests. Not only are pests annoying and embarrassing, they create an unsafe environment for your family. It can also lead to damage and costly repairs. And with California’s warm environment, no home is exempt from a pest infestation. But with Neighborly Pest Management, you get reliable and efficient residential pest control in Sacramento.

Residential Pest Control In Sacramento Begins With an Inspection

For over 40 years, we’ve inspected hundreds if not thousands of homes throughout Northern California. As a result, we have developed an efficient and reliable pest control program to handle any type of infestation you may be facing. Our professional and licensed technicians will use state-of-the-art equipment to inspect the entirety of your property to identify high risk areas such as entry points, leaks and cracks. At Neighborly Pest Management, no infestation is too big for us to handle. We know where termites, bed bugs and other pests live and lurk around. After an inspection is conducted, we’ll provide the most optimal and efficient pest control program from your home so you can live comfortably, safely and peacefully.

One of the first steps is to block any access points you may have such as broken windows, cracks and holes, and sealing any potential openings in plumbing systems. We’ll then provide a combination of techniques to give you a peace of mind in your home.

Integrated Pest Management

Most homeowners and property managers immediately resort to pesticides for their residential pest control initiatives. But when used improperly, pesticides can be toxic for people as well, creating an unsafe environment for children and adults alike. We implement a responsible approach to pest management by combining techniques that minimize risks to human health and the environment. Using techniques such as biological control, modification of cultural practices and other environmentally conscious protocols, we can guarantee long-term prevention of pests at no cost to the health and safety of your family. Only resorting to pesticides as a last measure, you can trust Neighborly Pest Management for efficient and responsible residential pest control in Sacramento.

We combine a variety of management approaches for the highest level of effectiveness. This includes:

  • Biological control – the use of natural enemies such as predators, parasites and pathogens to control pests and the damage they create
  • Cultural control – changing, modifying or implementing cultural practices such as irrigation methods
  • Mechanical and physical control – the use of traps, mulches, steam sterilization, barriers and other mechanical or physical devices to kill or block pests
  • Chemical control – the use of pesticides, only if needed, in combination with other approaches for more effective, long-term control while minimizing its effect on the people and the environment

By understanding the life cycle of pests and their interaction with the environment, we provide a custom pest management program for your situation.

Ongoing Residential Pest Control in Sacramento

Every pest infestation is different and therefore requires a customized approach for long-term residential pest control in Sacramento. Using the most effective products and advanced treatment methods for ongoing maintenance work, we ensure you’ll have a pest-free home all year round. Ongoing monitoring of pest infestations, building conditions, environmental factors and other contributors is critical for a pest-free life. Not only will we monitor your home as needed, we’ll teach you what signs to look out for such as rodent droppings and gnaw marks.

Nobody should suffer the agonizing pain of pests in their home. We’ll eliminate your bug and rodent problem quickly, efficiently and permanently. With a 100% customer guarantee, Neighborly Pest Management has been a leading expert in residential pest control in Sacramento.

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