Sacramento Pest Control Service Goes Over the Top 5 Pest Control Myths

Many people don’t consider that their homes or offices may be infested with pests without them knowing. It’s always someone else’s problem in someone else’s home. There’s a lot of misunderstanding about detecting and eliminating a pest problem and once infested, only a Sacramento pest control service can help combat the situation. Below, this article aims to dispel some of the more common myths.

Myth 1: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

A very common idea people have about pest infestations is that you don’t have one if you you can’t see any bugs or evidence of bugs. Unfortunately, this is not true. In fact, some of the smallest, least obvious pests can do the most damage. This damage often gets to an extreme situation because the bests are small and difficult to notice. While it may be out of sight and mind, irreversible and dangerous damage may be occurring under your nose.

Myth 2: A Clean Home Will Not Have Pests

While a clean and tidy home is certainly something to be proud of, it is not a fool-proof system to prevent pests. While having a clean home with minimal clutter and crumbs is a great way to reduce the risk of insect infestations, it by no means guarantees you won’t have a pest problem. Cockroaches seem to many people to be a bug that lives in the dirtiest, most foul homes and businesses. If you consider that cockroaches can live for a month without eating a single crumb, it becomes harder to believe that they only will exist in squalor. Bed bugs are also associated with filth, but they can be found in 1-star hotels as well as in Beverly Hill mansions. This is because they aren’t particularly attracted to dirt or clutter – they feed on blood from any individual.

Bed bugs are particularly problematic. All it takes is entering a location with bed bugs to transfer them to your own home. You may not realize the couch at the doctor’s office was sat upon by an individual seeking treatment for bed bug bites. A single bug could attach to your purse or pants as you travel from place to place. Eventually, you could carry the bug into your own home, beginning an infestation that is very difficult to fix. If an infestation has occurred, it’ll quickly grow to unmanageable circumstances. Call a Sacramento pest control service immediately.

The only reason clutter may have an effect on a pest infestation is because it may help hide the problem. This will allow the infestation to swell unnoticed.

Myth 3: Professional Pest Treatments are Dangerous

There’s a lot of talk about the dangers of pesticides in our food. Foods claiming to be organic have become extremely popular as people fear the effect of pesticides. There is good reason for this – powerful pesticides have been shown to have negative effects on those in close contact with the chemicals. People have taken this wariness they associate with food and applied it to home treatments for pest infestations. This makes them put off getting treatment for a potential pest problem, allowing the problem to get worse. They may even try at-home DIY treatments to avoid what they believe is a dangerous practice.

Fortunately, the use of hazardous pesticide chemicals is a thing of the past and not used by any reputable company in this day and age. When more severe treatments are required that may cause health effects, the company will work extensively with their clients to ensure plenty of time for the chemicals to subside before the family or employees return to the property. Overall, the vast majority of treatments are safe for humans and the environment. Many companies even offer “green” versions of their treatments, which use even less toxic chemicals and are often less expensive.

Myth 4: Bed bugs are Invisible to the Naked Eye

Perhaps this myth came into existence as a way to comfort ourselves, making bed bugs tiny, mysterious little critters whose image can’t keep us up at night since we can’t see it! Unfortunately, adult bed bugs are most certainly visible to the naked eye. This is unfortunate in that no one wants to see a gross insect that wants to drink their blood and ruin their sleep! It is, however, quite fortunate that we can see them since this makes it much easier to detect them and seek treatment before it becomes a very severe problem. Adult bed bugs are slightly smaller than a pencil eraser, are brown and round to oval in shape. Since they are nocturnal, it can be difficult to spot them during waking hours. The best way to spot them is the black specks they leave behind. Hiring a Sacramento pest control service can also be a more efficient way to detect a bed bug infestation.

Myth 5: Exterminators Are a Waste of Money

Many people believe exterminators don’t do anything and are a waste of money. They will wait until the problem is so severe it disrupts daily life before begrudgingly requesting a visit from the exterminator. At that point, it can be very difficult for the exterminator to treat the problem and there may be irreparable damage. This increases the negative opinion the pest victim has on the exterminator, as it seems they are incompetent and unable to do their job – exterminating the pest. It’s not very fair to blame the exterminator when the problem has become impossible to come back from. The best practice is to perform preventative treatments and to communicate with a Sacramento pest control service whenever there are any signs of pests. These problems do not fix themselves!

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