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Vineyard is a suburb of Sacramento and is a census-designated place located in Sacramento County. To protect your Vineyard home or business from invading pests, the professionals here at Neighborly Pest Management are proud to provide top-of-the-line pest control services. Since 1978 we’ve strived to keep families and properties protected from the destruction, damage, and disease pests cause.

As a local pest control provider, we understand the unique pressures that Vineyard residents face. We’re ready to work with you to find the right solution to cover all of your residential or commercial pest control needs. If you’re ready to say goodbye to rodents, insects, and other common pests, don’t hesitate to reach out to Neighborly Pest Management today for ongoing solutions that provide long-term results.

Home Pest Control In Vineyard, CA

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Your Vineyard home is somewhere you can return to after a hard day and spend quality time with your family. But when pests invade your residential property, they add unnecessary stress, frustration, and anxiety to your life.

The most effective way to remove a current pest infestation and prevent new pests from invading in the future is to partner with the experienced pest technicians here at Neighborly Pest Management. Through a combination of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies and high-quality products, we protect Vineyard homes and families from a wide range of common pests.

Our bi-monthly home pest control plans include detailed inspections, exterior treatments, as-needed interior treatments, de-webbing, wasp nest removal, and bee relocation services. And, because we’re confident that our services will get the job done right, our bi-monthly home pest control comes with a service-back guarantee.

If pests return between scheduled visits, we’ll return to re-treat at no additional charge. Contact us today to schedule your first service visit!

Commercial Pest Control In Vineyard, CA

As a business owner, you have many responsibilities to take care of on a regular basis. When you’re trying to run a successful Vineyard business, it can be overwhelming to discover a pest infestation in your commercial property. At Neighborly Pest Management, we’re proud to take care of your pest problems so that you can focus on the other needs of your business. Whether you own a warehouse, retail store, healthcare facility, school, or other business, you can depend on our licensed professionals to provide excellent pest control solutions.

By utilizing customized services and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methodologies, we protect Vineyard commercial properties from destructive and dangerous pests throughout the entire year. With more than 40 years of experience within the pest control industry and commitment to protecting properties from pests, we have what it takes to provide excellent commercial pest control solutions. Contact Neighborly Pest Management today to ask for more details about our commercial pest control process.

Protect Your Vineyard, CA Property From Rodents

Rodents are easily identified by their strong front incisors that never stop growing. They use their teeth to chew holes through your walls or widen cracks they find around the perimeter of your property. Some rodents are capable of invading your property through gaps no larger than the size of a nickel. Unfortunately, rodents don’t just use their teeth to invade your property. These common pests will chew on furniture, pipes, structural beams, and personal belongings to prevent their teeth from growing too long.

Rodent infestations can even cause electrical shortages and house fires due to the damage they cause by chewing on wires. To prevent rodent damage, it’s important to reduce factors that may attract them to your property. Avoid attracting rodents to your Vineyard home or business by implementing the rodent prevention tips below:

  • Install door sweeps on all doors that lead outside.

  • Store food items in airtight containers instead of the paper boxes and bags they come in.

  • Never leave pet food out unattended, especially at night.

  • Locate and seal gaps and crevices found around your foundation and exterior walls.

  • Keep your attic, crawlspace, and wall voids well-ventilated.

  • Trim tree branches away from your roofline and shrubbery away from your foundation.

If rodents have taken over your Vineyard property, the professionals at Neighborly Pest Management can help. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our rodent control solutions.

Learn To Identify Signs Of Bed Bugs In Vineyard, CA

Bed bugs are common pests that get around by hitching rides on your clothing, bags, and belongings. Unfortunately, this hitchhiking behavior makes bed bug infestations challenging to prevent. Once bed bugs get into your Vineyard home or business, they will find somewhere to hide and will only come out at night to feed on your blood. If bed bugs are living on your property, here are some of the signs they might leave behind:

  • Small white bed bug eggs and eggshells about the size of a pinhead.

  • Spots of reddish-brown excrement on your sheets and blankets.

  • Bloodstains on your bedding and clothing.

  • Rows or clusters of unexplained bites on your skin.

  • An unpleasant musty odor that grows stronger over time.

If you believe bed bugs are living in our home or business, it’s important to seek professional help right away. At Neighborly Pest Management, we provide several effective bed bug control options, including conventional treatments, steam treatments, heat treatments, and fumigation. Give us a call today to get started!


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