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Webster is an urban community located on the Union Pacific Railroad in Yolo County. Like many other areas, Webster is home to a wide variety of pests that have no issues getting into your property and causing significant problems. Give your residential or commercial property the protection it needs by turning to the licensed professionals here at Neighborly Pest Management.

With more than 40 years of experience providing high-quality pest control solutions, we have what it takes to solve pest problems of any shape or size. We are a locally-owned and operated pest control provider, which means we understand the pests in our area and how to get rid of them. Our goal is to offer excellent solutions that provide long-term results. Contact Neighborly Pest Management today to learn more about how we handle commercial and residential pest problems.

Home Pest Control In Webster, CA

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Pests will always be a part of life, but that doesn’t mean you have to deal with pests in and around your Webster home. Invading pests endanger your family by spreading harmful diseases, contaminating food items, and damaging your property.

If you want to avoid the stress and frustration that come with a pest infestation, it’s important to implement an ongoing home pest control plan from Neighborly Pest Management. Our bi-monthly home pest control plans allow us to eliminate current pest infestations and apply treatments that will curb future pest activity.

Some of the services included in our bi-monthly treatments include thorough inspections, wasp nest removal, bee nest relocation, as-needed interior treatments, de-webbing services, and exterior treatments.

Give the professionals here at Neighborly Pest Management a call today to learn more about how we can protect your Webster home and family from pests.

Commercial Pest Control In Webster, CA

Pests are just as much of a threat to your Webster business as they are to residential properties. Not only can invading pests impact your brand and harm your reputation, but they can also threaten the health and safety of your customers and employees. The only way to ensure your commercial property is protected from the wide range of pests that live in our area is to partner with the experienced pest professionals here at Neighborly Pest Management. We have the experience, training, and commitment necessary to maintain a pest-free environment within your Webster commercial facility.

Neighborly Pest Management provides monthly commercial pest control plans designed to eliminate pests and keep them away from your property in the future. We customize all of our commercial pest solutions to fit the individual needs and regulations of your industry. Whether you own a healthcare facility, warehouse, or anything in between, Neighborly Pest Management is ready to provide services that keep your Webster business pest-free.

Keep Rodents Out Of Your Webster, CA Home

If you’ve ever been woken in the middle of the night by the sound of squeaking and scurrying in your walls and attic, then you know how annoying a rodent infestation can be. Unfortunately, rodent infestations aren’t just annoying; they’re dangerous. Rodents spread many different bacteria, pathogens, and parasites that can lead to disease.

These common pests are also capable of causing damage to your Webster home by chewing on structural beams, wires, pipes, personal belongings, and furniture. If you want to avoid rodents and the problems they cause, there are a few ways you can prevent rodent infestations in your home:

  • Keep your attic, crawlspaces, and wall voids dry and well-ventilated by installing dehumidifiers. 

  • Locate cracks and crevices around the exterior of your property and seal them with caulk or steel wool.

  • Avoid leaving pet food out unattended.

  • Keep food items stored in airtight containers or the refrigerator instead of on your counters. 

  • Clean crumbs off of your counters and sweep your floors regularly.

  • Minimize clutter around the interior and exterior of your property to reduce potential hiding spaces for rodents. 

  • Equip your trash bins with tight-fitting lids and store them away from your exterior walls.

Rodents are dangerous pests that can cause serious problems in your Webster home, which is why professional treatment is crucial. Reach out to Neighborly Pest Management for more information about our rodent control options.

Three Things Everyone In Webster, CA Should Know About Termites

Termites are the most destructive insects in the United States. The most common species of termites here in Webster are subterranean termites. They live in large underground nests that can contain over one million individual termites. Although most people are aware of how destructive termites are, there are still some things that every Webster property owner should know about termites:

1. Termites need moisture to survive. They are attracted to excess moisture, which means it’s important to repair leaking pipes, replace water-damaged wood, and ensure your downspouts direct water away from your foundation.

2. Termites never sleep or slow down. Termites are constantly working to build, feed, and protect their colonies.

3. Termites are called “silent destroyers” because they can invade your property and cause extensive damage undetected.

The best way to identify, eliminate, and prevent termites is with the help from the professionals here at Neighborly Pest Management. We’re ready to find a termite control solution that works for you.


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