Aphid Services In Roseville, CA

Are Aphids A Problem On Your Roseville Property?

Aphids are a common problem in Roseville yards in the summer months. They feed on sap from trees and can cause yellowing leaves, stunt shoot growth, and lead to moldy fungus problems in more extreme cases. Neighborly Pest Management can help with our aphid service if aphids are a problem on your property.

many aphids eating a plant leaf

Our Aphid Service Treatments

Neighborly Pest Management offers an annual aphid service. Performed in January and February, this non-invasive treatment goes into the soil around the tree. It reduces the honeydew in the tree, lessening the amount of sap it produces in the summer months.

This treatment eliminates your aphid problem because they won’t come around without a food source. Common trees to receive this treatment include crape myrtles, hackberries, red oaks/scarlet oaks, Chinese elms, and tulip trees.

Our aphid service is guaranteed. If aphids return to your property in the summer months, we will also respond to re-treat your trees as needed.

A Beautiful Thriving Lawn Starts With Neighborly Pest Management

If you have a property full of beautiful trees that are not looking their best due to aphids, Neighborly Pest Management can help! Our aphid service will eliminate your aphid problems, allowing your trees to thrive and your lawn to return to its former glory. Contact us to schedule your service appointment.


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