Why You Don't Want Pigeons Hanging Around Your Folsom Property


Pigeons (Columba livia) are commonly referred to as Rock Doves and exist in many urban settings including parks, buildings, and other structures close to humans. They are scavengers that find food that has been cast into the open as litter, within trash cans, and dumpster areas. Pigeons are an often-overlooked nuisance that can spread disease, create property damage, and many other problems.

Reasons To Keep Pigeons Off Your Property

  • Disease: Pigeons may spread diseases such as salmonella, cryptococcosis, E. Coli, and a host of other concerns. They can contaminate food and often are infested with parasites including ticks and mites. 
  • Feces: Pigeons leave significant amounts of feces that contain corrosive agents that damage surface materials and may attract vermin. Their feces may generate a fungus that is associated with histoplasmosis. Once these droppings dry on a surface, some particles create an airborne powder that can be inhaled. 
  • Nests: In neighborhoods, they will create nests beneath roof ledges, in gutters, near vents, or within attics. Nesting sites may damage electrical wiring, impair ventilation, and potentially be a fire hazard.  In busy urban areas, they often create nests below bridges, or in parking decks and warehouses.

Best Practices For Pigeon Prevention

Property owners should consider the various ways of making the premises less appealing to pigeons. One of the primary reasons why groups of pigeons congregate is because of people feeding them—sometimes inadvertently. Keep in mind the importance of having a secure lid on trash cans and promptly remove all food after outdoor picnics and such. Eliminate any collection of standing water such as in birdbaths or kiddie pools and have only pigeon-proof birdfeeders. 
Examine the exterior of your property for any potential nesting sites including vents or voids and either apply a durable meshing or some other form of sealant. Access to your chimney should be prevented with a cap. Consider placing an obstruction that prevents pigeons from landing on areas such as ledges, window sills, or other perches. 
Spikes, prongs, and physical barriers such as netting can also create a “no-fly zone” that will effectively block access. There are a host of products that generate sound or reflect light, but many of these are often ineffective. 

Do You Have A Pest Control Problem?

Local stores and online retailers promote a variety of do-it-yourself products that are used to eliminate intrusions from household pests. Unfortunately, many of these options are geared for minor infestations and prove insufficient for fully eradicating more significant pest problems.  Further, some of the home remedies may contain chemical agents that are unsafe for you, your family, and our ecosystem.
It is best to contact the pros first! 

Licensed Local Pest Control Professionals in Folsom

Neighborly Pest Management is a family-owned and operated team of experts that has been effectively solving problems with bothersome pests such as pigeons, rodents, ants, and other creatures. Home and business owners in this region have counted on us to quickly determine the nature of the intrusion, and the extent of the spread, and deliver excellent results. We stand behind the quality of our work with a service-back guarantee that ensures your total satisfaction.  
Our technicians adhere to strict interior and exterior safety standards as part of an overall Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach that protects our local environment. We also now provide affordable year-round protection plans that involve bi-monthly visits from our professionals to your home to prevent pests. For a complimentary on-site inspection and estimate, please contact our office today.