Just How Dangerous Are The Termites In Roseville?

termites chewing on wood

You may never see a termite in your lifetime, but there is a good chance these pests will negatively affect your life in one way or another. Every year, these invasive pests cost Americans over five billion dollars. The question is, are termites dangerous, and if so, how much of this five billion dollars is spent on medical expenses? If you would like to know more about these invasive pests and your chances of dealing with them around your Roseville home, here is everything you ought to know.

Termites, Lifestyle, Habits, Diet

Termites are not solitary pests; in fact, they are about as social as creatures come. Living in large underground colonies, termites work together to gather food, keep each other safe, and reproduce. As for diet, termites only eat cellulose, the main component found in wood and certain plants such as cotton, hemp, flax, and jute. To get to nearby sources of food, termites dig long tunnels underground. These tunnels act as protection from dangerous weather conditions and from many other creatures that prey on vulnerable termites. If termites choose a wood structure as their food source, they will tunnel into it, only breaking through its exterior to build pin-sized entrances, exits, or draft holes.

Once a year, fully mature termite colonies produce what are called termite swarmers. These winged reproductive termites have the job of finding and establishing a new place to live. If a home or structure is under attack by termites long enough, multiple colonies might form around its exterior.

Are Termites Dangerous

Termites do their best to avoid interaction with humans, though even if they did crawl around in plain sight, they would not pose any real danger. The only way you could ever be physically hurt by termites is if you jumped around on the third floor of a building on floorboards they have been chewing on for over a decade and it gives way. Besides this, the biggest threat termites pose to humans comes in the form of breathing problems caused by their sawdust-like fecal matter, which they leave around homes.

Are Termites Destructive

Termites are the number one wood-destroying pests in the United States and most countries around the world. What is interesting is that termites don't destroy wood fast. It takes over a year for serious termite-related damage to occur. The thing that makes termites so destructive is how silently they destroy homes. Often it isn't until floorboards start squeaking, doors and windows start jamming, wallpaper starts bubbling, and drywall starts drooping that homeowners suspect there might be a problem.

Early Signs Of A Termite Infestation

There aren't many ways to know your home has a termite infestation. If there is a non-wood barrier between the exterior soil and your home's structural wood, you might find pencil-sized mud tubes running up the side of your house. You might also notice termite swarmers or the wings they leave behind around your home. Beyond this, there isn't much you can do to know termites are around. That is, besides letting a professional take a look.

At Neighborly Pest Management, we have the equipment needed to detect termites before problems become too severe. We also provide advanced treatment options that work to eliminate current termite threats and create a lasting barrier to keep these pests out year-round. Our team is committed to protecting homes and businesses around Roseville from annoying, dangerous, and destructive pests.

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