Is It Bed Bugs In My Folsom Home?

a bed bug crawling on bedding

There are many pests that can be annoying to have around and some that can cause terror. While people get frightened or grossed out by many kinds of pests, one pest that is notorious for giving people the creeps is the bed bug. The thought of a tiny insect that bites you while you sleep is not very pleasant, and no one wants to deal with these pests.

Bed bugs are fairly common pests in the Folsom area, so you might be wondering what you can do to prevent them. The first step to addressing bed bug problems is to know what you’re dealing with so it is important to know what bed bugs look like. While bed bugs are quite small, they aren’t invisible. Here is what they look like:

  • Bed bugs are usually a reddish-brown color.
  • They have long, oval-shaped bodies.
  • They are about the size of an apple seed.
  • They can be flat or look round depending on how much they’ve eaten.

It’s important to keep in mind that bed bugs might be hard to distinguish from other small, brown bugs, so getting an expert opinion is often needed. However, there are other signs of bed bugs besides just seeing them with the naked eye.

Identifying Bed Bugs By Their Bites

Because bed bugs are so tiny, and they can look to an inexperienced eye like ticks or fleas, it’s important to know the other signs of bed bugs. 
The first sign of a bed bug infestation is usually bites. These bites can be uncomfortable and might itch or cause allergic reactions in some people. Even if they aren’t super itchy or inflamed, no one wants to have bug bites. A bite from a bed bug is usually red with a dark center and a swollen area around it. The bites often appear in a line or a zigzag pattern on your body. While these bites tend to look a certain way, you might have a hard time telling them apart from other bites from small bugs. So, it’s always best to get the bites looked at by a healthcare professional.

Other Signs Of Bed Bugs

While identifying bed bugs with your eyes can be difficult, and even bites can be hard to distinguish at times, there is one other sign you can look out for. A combination of these signs in any way is a good indication that you have a bed bug infestation. Bed bug bites are usually the first sign of an infestation, but other signs might come along later.
The last main sign of a bed bug problem is noticing staining. These stains come from the insect’s excrement and blood dribbles. Here are the characteristics of stains from bed bugs:

  • Usually dark red, brown, or black.
  • These stains can bleed into sheets or other fabric.
  • They are small and often have a splotchy appearance.
  • They can fade and become a lighter brown color.
  • These stains can be seen in other places besides beds.

If you’ve noticed any of the signs of bed bugs, the best thing to do is to get help from a professional pest control company that can identify and eliminate these pests.

Bed Bug Inspections

Bed bugs aren’t pests that any Folsom resident wants in their home. If you’ve noticed these signs, or just have questions about preventing bed bugs, get in touch with the trained technicians at Neighborly Pest Management. With over 40 years of experience, you can trust us to keep your home free of bed bugs. We also offer free estimates.