A Step-By-Step Guide To Total Ant Control For Roseville Property Owners

a pharaoh ant infestation

Ants are one of the most common problems for Roseville property owners, and you’ll likely have ants at some point if you own a home or business for long enough. However, not all ants look or act the same. Luckily, most ants in the area are just nuisance pests, but there are a few species that can cause property damage or pose health issues.

Even nuisance species can be invasive and hard to remove as ant colonies can be quite large. No ant species is welcome in your home or business, and the best approach to protecting your property is to take preventive measures.

A Guide To Ant Species

Knowledge is also key to understanding ants and knowing which species are dangerous. To help you protect your property, we’ve put together a guide to common area ants:

  • Carpenter ants: This species is the most destructive because they burrow into wood to create tunnels for their nests. They are dark brown with large, heart-shaped heads. 
  • Pavement ants: You likely know these ants because of their black color and the fact that you typically see them outdoors near sidewalks. They are what you probably imagine when you think of your typical ant, and they are considered a nuisance species.
  • Odorous house ants: These ants are dark brown or black and have an almost striped look to them. However, the best way to identify them is by the smell of rotten coconuts they let off when crushed. 
  • Fire ants: You might recognize these ants because of their red color and ability to bite and sting. These stings leave a burning sensation, and some people can be allergic to the venom. 
  • Pharaoh ants: This species is usually yellow or tan, and they are considered dangerous because of their ability to spread diseases, including salmonella.

Eliminating Factors That Attract Ants

Because prevention is so important, you should consider two overall categories when it comes to protecting your home. First of all, to prevent ants, you’ll need to reduce or eliminate factors that attract them in the first place. 
Here are the best ways to remedy underlying factors that make your property attractive to ants:

  • Take out your trash regularly.
  • Keep your yard free of debris and clean outdoor garbage cans.
  • Store pet food indoors in airtight containers.
  • Clean up crumbs and spills right away.
  • Keep your kitchen clean and regularly sweep and mop.
  • Throw out any overripe or rotting fruit.
  • Address moisture issues that attract ants by fixing leaky plumbing.

How Can You Keep Ants From Coming Inside?

The second overall way to prevent ants is to take a look at ways that ants can get into a building. You should try to seal up entry points if at all possible. While ants can slip through even the smallest of holes and cracks, fixing what you can, will make a difference.
Take these steps to keep ants from coming inside:

  • Install door sweeps and weatherstripping.
  • Fix any broken screens in doors and windows.
  • Make sure to seal around windows.
  • Ensure that doors fit tightly in their frames.
  • Fill any holes or cracks in walls.

Get The Best In Ant Prevention

If you’re dealing with ant infestations already, or are looking to take steps to protect your home from future invasions, Neighborly Pest Management has the effective, reliable ant control services you’re looking for. We can prevent and remove ant problems regardless of the species to keep your home free from these obnoxious and sometimes dangerous pests. To book your free inspection, give us a call, or use our convenient online contact form.