The Problems Aphids Bring To Your Elk Grove Lawn

a phids on a green leaf of a house plant

We already hate the pests we can see, so how do we feel about the pests we can’t see? At Neighborly Pest Management, we have no love for these tiny green brats. There are hundreds of members of the Aphidoidea insect family, most of which can be found here in the sunny landscape of Elk Grove. Most of these pests are quite small or even impossible to see with the naked eye. However, some of these pests stand out more than others. Cue the common garden aphid: less than ¼ of an inch long, bright to dull green, and 100% destructive. 

There are several other species of aphid common to the California area, such as:

  • Aphis craccivora 
  • Aphis coreopsis 
  • Aphis ceanothus 
  • Aphis farinosa 
  • Aphis gossypii 
  • Aphis spiraea

Aphids are garden pests that love to hang out in moist, shady, and quiet areas of the garden. Look underneath the leaves of your house plants, perennial yard greenery, or soft shrubbery to see if you can spot a few. These pests are winged bugs with six legs and dozens of color combinations, ranging from white and black to yellow and pink. The exoskeletons of aphids appear pear-shaped, with long antennae that stretch far past their heads. Keep in mind that you will likely not see any of this due to the pest’s small size. You will likely best identify an aphid by the destruction it leaves behind! 

Let’s review some of the common forms of damage caused by aphid infestations.

The Many Dangers Of Elk Grove Aphid Infestations

Aphids cannot harm you, but they certainly know how to injure your plants and garden beds. This may not seem like a big deal to you, but once aphids have established themselves in the lawn, you can kiss goodbye to growing anything within a 50-foot radius of the house! 
Aphid species are a nuisance pest for people, but a huge problem for plants, gardens, and your vegetable patch. These pests feed on the sap and other juices stored inside plant leaves, causing them to wilt and yellow up. Worse still, aphids are vectors of plant disease and spread all sorts of illnesses that spell the end for vulnerable plants.
The presence of aphids on a property also produces a secondary problem: attracting more pests. As aphids suck out the juices and sugars from a host plant, they excrete a substance known as ‘honeydew.’ This odd material is often a thick, green goo left on infested leaves. As you might imagine, there are quite a few pests that would jump at the chance to eat some sweet honeydew, including ants and stinging insects. This can attract more and more pests over time, putting you and your family in danger. 
If you aren’t sure that aphids are the source of plant damage in your yard, try to spot them outright by checking for the following symptoms:  

  • Yellowing plant leaves 
  • The rapid spread of plant diseases 
  • Clumps of shiny or woolly pests hanging on plants

Have more questions? Get an aphid inspection from your neighbors at Neighborly Pest Management today.

Aphid Control Is Extremely Difficult! Call In The Pros At Neighborly Pest Management

Aphids are a less-than-fearsome adversary, but a downright impossible enemy to get rid of on your own. Their high numbers and surprising resiliency make them difficult to control without professional intervention. That’s why it’s important to contact Neighborly Pest Management at the first sign of aphid infestation. We are a locally owned and operated company providing quality services in Elk Grove for many years. Our team is ready to assist you with the tools you need to stay safe all spring long. Call us today!