Winning The Battle Against Fleas: The Most Effective Control Strategy For Roseville Homes

flea on skin

Finding fleas in your home is nothing to ignore, and you can’t just hope that they’ll go away on their own. Flea bites are uncomfortable for both humans and pets, and they can become quite dangerous if left untreated. 

Don’t rely on hit-and-miss flea bombs or other DIY methods to try to eliminate these tricky pests. Instead, trust the Roseville pest control experts at Neighborly Pest Management to come up with an effective and safe treatment plan that perfectly fits your needs.

Flea Identification: What Do They Look Like?

It can be very difficult to spot fleas in your house. These are tiny insects that you may not notice unless you’re actively looking for them. Some of the distinguishing characteristics of fleas include:

  • An insect similar in size to a speck of dirt
  • A reddish-brown color
  • Powerful back legs used to jump
  • Do not have wings
  • Will bite their host animals to feed on blood

Because of their small size, they’re tough to spot at first. You may notice your pets scratching at their fur aggressively or starting to lose fur in spots because of constant itching. You also may notice red bites on the stomachs of your dogs and cats where the fur is thinner. Flea dirt is another sign that you may have fleas in your home. These specks look like black pepper when dry and reddish pepper when damp.

If you suspect fleas, have your pet lay on a white bed sheet for a few minutes and comb their fur. The dark-colored fleas are easier to see against a white background. Otherwise, the team at Neighborly Pest Management can help with identifying a flea infestation.

Health Hazards Of Fleas: Dangers To People And Pets

The bites from fleas can create health hazards for both you and your pets over time. For pets, fleas will look to feed on the blood of the animals. With a significant flea population living on and feeding on the animals, your pets may become lethargic because of the blood loss they are experiencing. Fleas could introduce parasites to your pets through the bites, including tapeworms or heartworms, which can be fatal if left untreated.

Fleas can also bite humans, potentially introducing many diseases, including:

  • Cat-scratch fever
  • Murine typhus
  • Tularemia

More commonly, though, fleas trigger allergic reactions in humans through their bites and through breathing in flea dirt.

Flea Prevention Goes Beyond Just Your Pets: Tips And Tricks

Preventing fleas is important because once you have an infestation in your home, they’re far tougher to eliminate without the help of our professionals. Help your pets avoid becoming infested with fleas by staying away from areas where fleas commonly live, such as tall grasses and bushes. Keep your property mowed and trimmed in areas where your pets go.

You should take steps to keep fleas away from your family, too, by reducing the chances of exposure. Fleas often live on wildlife, so you should avoid putting out food and other items that draw wildlife. If your property has a lot of wildlife, you or your family may suffer flea exposure. Additionally, keep up with vacuuming your carpets, especially if you have pets. You can pick up fleas through the vacuum before they appear in overwhelming numbers.

Total Flea Elimination: Call The Pros Right Away!

Although you can find plenty of DIY and natural flea killers, the results with these remedies are inconsistent at best and usually ineffective. The best way to get rid of fleas in your home is to reach out to a pest control company you can trust. Neighborly Pest Management has decades of experience dealing with all kinds of pests in the Roseville area, including fleas. For a free estimate, contact our team of experts today.