How To Deter Pesky Nuisance Birds In Roseville

a pigeon on a deck next to a home

Roseville residents have many pests to contend with on their properties. There is a large variety of pest insects that would love to move in. Some insects carry painful stings or bites, while others can cause massive damage to structures. There are also a large number of rodents that would like to make a house out of your home. These pests can bring diseases with them and can also cause considerable damage to your home and property. Finally, Roseville property owners have to contend with birds. Like the other pests, birds can cause property damage and can make a nuisance out of themselves. 

DIY pest control techniques are not effective for birds. When you need bird control for your property, you need to secure the help of a professional bird control service. Neighborly Pest Management is that service. We are your professional resource for pest control in Roseville.

Types Of Pest Birds In Roseville

Here are some of the types of birds in Roseville you may have to deal with on your property:

  • Seagulls: These large birds prefer living in urban areas. They can be destructive.
  • Pigeons: These birds are comfortable around humans. Droppings can be damaging.
  • Starlings: Love to build mud nests on structures. Known for heavy droppings near nests.
  • House sparrows: Prefer to build nests in the eaves and roofs of houses.

These are a few types of pest birds you may have to contend with on your property. All of them can be a nuisance with their droppings. Seagulls can be aggressive at times. Starlings leave mud nests in their wake that are hard to clean away.

If you need residential pest control in Roseville for birds, you can call Neighborly Pest Management. We are your go-to company for bird pest control in Roseville.

All The Issues Birds Can Create On Your Property

Birds can cause several problems when they come onto your property. Here are some of them:

  • Structural damage: Bird droppings can be quite corrosive and can cause damage.
  • Fouling with droppings: Birds can contaminate the ground below nests, perches, and roosts.
  • Diseases: Bird droppings can potentially spread diseases and parasites.
  • Blocked gutters/drains: Birds can clog these things with nesting materials.

These are some of the problems pest birds can cause. The more birds you have, the more intense the problem can be. DIY bird control methods are often ineffective and can leave you frustrated. When bird infestations appear, call Neighborly Pest Management. We can help you get rid of them.

Tips For Keeping Birds Away From Your Property

Here are some tips to help reduce your chances of having to deal with pest birds on your property:

  • Avoid feeding birds on your property. Although enjoyable, feeding birds can encourage some types to stay on your property.
  • Seal outside garbage. Seagulls are especially fond of waste.
  • Don’t leave food out. If eating outside, take leftovers in with you, or dispose of them properly.
  • Minimize outside water opportunities. Birds tend to stay close to food and water.
  • Minimize roosting/nesting opportunities. This decreases the reasons for birds to stay close.

These techniques can help reduce your chances of dealing with pest birds on your property, but they can’t eliminate the possibility. If you require residential or warehouse bird control, Neighborly Pest Management can help you. Call us today and let our years of knowledge and experience come to your assistance.

The Most Effective Bird Control Solutions In Roseville

Bird control requires out-of-the-box thinking and solutions, and DIY pest control techniques are largely ineffective at completely eliminating pest bird problems. To do bird pest control right the first time, call Neighborly Pest Management to request a free quote, and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Roseville.