Everything You Ought To Know About Wasps Around Roseville

wasp building a nest

Have you ever gone looking for information about something and found yourself weeding through a ton of details you don't need to know? It's frustrating, isn't it? This happens a lot with pest control problems. There are many resources on the internet that get into details you don't need, such as the genus and species of the pest you're having trouble with. Today, we're going to break down the problem of wasps in a way that is both simple and concise. Here's everything you need to know.

All Wasps Are Not Created Equal

There are two types of wasps. One type is social. The other is solitary. Social wasps gather together in swarms and can be aggressive toward you. Solitary wasps tend to present other issues, such as excavating soil from your yard and killing your grass, or building unsightly mud nests on your home. We will be focusing on the social wasps.

Hornets Are Wasps

The second thing you need to understand is that all hornets are wasps. You don't need to understand what categorizes a wasp as a hornet. It is enough to understand that all hornets are social wasps. Keep this in mind as you continue.

Why You Should Be Concerned About Social Wasps

A social insect works together with the other insects in its colony to gather food and defend the nest. If you get close to the nest of a social wasp, they won't be happy about it. Each wasp will begin to release a pheromone scent that incites the others to become aggressive.

  • A few things that cause wasps to become aggressive:
  • Fast movements
  • Vibrations, such as the operation of a lawnmower
  • Close proximity to a nest

Disturbing a nest

When wasps gather into a swarm, it can present a threat, even if there are only a few of them. An individual wasp can sting multiple times because it does not have a barbed stinger. The venom that a wasp injects will cause intense pain at the site of the wound. For some, this venom can cause life-threatening symptoms.

Social Wasps Aren't Always Aggressive

When wasps are away from their nest, they aren't as prone to be aggressive. If you don't make quick, jerking motions or press a wasp against something, such as the cushion of a deck chair, you're not likely to be stung. Those wasps pay little or no attention to people as they go about collecting food resources or materials for their nests.

Social Wasps Can Be A Benefit

When wasps come into your yard, even yellow jackets, they can be a benefit. They help with the pollination of the plants on your property and they help to reduce spider populations. You shouldn't be concerned about occasional visits from wasps.

The Key To Sting Prevention

  • Nest creation increases the chances of a sting event. The primary goal of sting prevention should be to address this threat.
  • Remove attractants that cause wasps to establish nests
  • Detect nests early
  • Remove nests before they can present a threat

How To Remove A Nest

Life gets busy, and it can be difficult to stay on top of detecting nests early. When nests are found, some can be difficult to remove because they are in ground holes, voids inside structures, or in high locations that can't be reached easily. The best solution is ongoing residential pest control for the detection and early removal of nests. If you live in Roseville, or somewhere else in our Greater Sacramento service area, let the service team at Neighborly Pest Management help. Schedule a free pest control estimate to get started.