The Best Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Roseville Home

bed bug biting skin

A bed bug infestation is everyone’s worst nightmare. Not only can these pests cause insomnia and increases in other mental health problems, but they are also tough to get rid of, and virtually impossible to eradicate on your own. That’s why Neighborly Pest Management specializes in bed bug control. We are committed to providing the highest quality pest control in Roseville, with a particular focus on keeping Roseville homes free from bed bugs. Read on to learn more about identifying a bed bug infestation and how we can help you get back to sleeping through the night again!

How To Identify A Bed Bug

Bed bugs can oftentimes look just like other insects, meaning you might accidentally ignore a growing infestation. Below are some defining characteristics of these pests and how to tell if the bug in your home is actually a bed bug:

  • Oval and brown: Bed bugs are oval in shape, brown, and look a bit like lentils or apple seeds.
  • Wingless: A key indicator that the insect in your bed is a bed bug is if they are wingless, as bed bugs do not have wings, crawling very slowly around the sheets.
  • Flat or swelled bodies: Before bed bugs feed, their bodies will be relatively flat, but after feeding, they will swell, much like ticks. Once they have eaten and are swollen, they will also be reddish in color.

If you have noticed insects in your home that look anything like this, it is time to call for help. Neighborly Pest Management specializes in rooting out entire bed bug infestations and exterminating them in their entirety, keeping them from infesting. Don’t risk the infestation getting worse -- call us today!

The Symptoms Of A Bed Bug Infestation

In addition to identifying the insect itself, bed bug control also starts with learning to identify the signs of bed bugs as well. Below are the most common symptoms of an infestation:

  • Musty odor: This particular pest odor is often described as ‘offensive.’ Bed bugs leave behind a foul, musty odor that secretes from their scent glands. Wherever the bed bugs are hiding, you will smell this.
  • Excrement: These are usually dark or rusty-looking spots, and you are more likely to find them on your mattress, sheets, and walls.
  • Egg shells and shed skins: bed bugs shed their skin as they grow, and finding these skins is a sure-fire sign bed bugs are in your home. Additionally, egg shells are also a sign that not only do you have a bed bug problem, but the problem is extensive because they have had time to reproduce.
  • Blood stains: One of the key signs of bed bugs is if you are finding blood stains on your bedding. This is your blood; a mess made while the insects were feeding on you.

Don’t ignore these signs, especially in their early stages. The longer an infestation has to get comfortable, the more difficult they are to eradicate, even for experienced pest control professionals. Neighborly Pest Management has the skills needed to kick these pests out as soon as they enter -- contact us today!

Why DIY Bed Bug Control Is A Waste Of Time And Money

There are dozens of over-the-counter products being advertised as the cure to a bed bug infestation. Unfortunately, these products are simply not strong enough, and online DIY methods are even more useless. Below are some of the most common DIY bed bug control methods you will want to avoid using:

  • Rubbing alcohol: A common tip is to spray your bedding with rubbing alcohol, but the effectiveness depends greatly on the alcohol percentage, and studies show that half the bed bugs that are sprayed with this survive.
  • Tea tree oil: Every individual insect would need to be drowned in it, and anything other than undiluted tea tree oil is harmful to both humans and pets.
  • Talcum powder: While another common DIY method, there is actually no evidence that this actually kills bed bugs.
  • Baking soda: Just like talcum powder, there is no evidence that baking soda is an effective bed bug killer.

DIY methods only succeed in wasting your time and money and making you more frustrated with the bed bug bites on your body. Neighborly Pest Management uses the most advanced tools on the professional market, paired with expert technicians trained to flush out entire infestations. Don’t waste your time -- let us help you get back to sleeping through the night again!

Call The Pros At The First Sign Of Bed Bugs In Your Home

Bed bug bites can cause more harm than just being annoying. The incessant scratching they induce can lead to secondary skin infections, and many sleepless nights will have more negative effects on your overall health. When you first spot bed bugs or their signs, don’t wait. Give Neighborly Pest Management a call now to get ahead of these pests and get back to enjoying a night of rest. Don’t wait -- call today!