What Elk Grove Property Owners Ought To Know About Squirrel Dangers

a squirrel on the roof of a home

Feeling a little squirrelly? As the weather cools down this December, Elk Grove residents are settling in for the winter chill. However, cold isn’t the only thing moving in: Elk Grove homeowners should also be wary of squirrels. You might not expect squirrels to be a problem in California, but squirrel infestations happen more often than you’d think. Before squirrels start harming your home and health, learn about what attracts these unexpected pests and how to prevent a squirrel problem.

Identifying Squirrels In Elk Grove, California

Most people don’t realize that squirrels are an infestation problem; in fact, many people find these outdoor rodents to be cute. As a result, homeowners don’t pay them any mind, and they might even feed squirrels with bread or birdseed. When you realize the problems squirrels can cause, you’ll hopefully rethink doing this.

Squirrels range from gray to brown in color and have long, furry bodies. The average squirrel grows anywhere between 15-20 inches, with white and dark brown stripes running along their backs. A squirrel’s fluffy tail can grow an additional 6-10 inches in length, and a squirrel’s head has two small triangular ears. Squirrels can be seen running on all fours as well as standing on their hind legs.

As the weather cools down, rodents move inside, including squirrels. Don’t let a squirrel’s cute face fool you; they cause serious problems to Elk Grove residents.

What Makes Squirrels So Dangerous?

Like other rodents, the dangers presented by squirrels are twofold: home damage and health problems. Squirrels in the house can lead to costly home repairs. These pests love to chew, and they can chew through almost anything, including furniture, cardboard, wires, and even the floorboards. If left untreated, squirrels can cause thousands of dollars in home damage.

Squirrels can make you sick because they leave urine and feces in attic spaces. Contact with these substances can make you sick with salmonellosis, leptospirosis, etc. And if you handle a dead or sick squirrel, you could contract tularemia. The most likely way squirrels can make you sick is through the parasites they carry such as ticks and fleas.

Elk Grove homeowners should do everything they can protect themselves from squirrel-related damage and diseases. Luckily, squirrel prevention isn’t too hard – here’s how to do it!

Squirrel Infestation Prevention Tips

  • Make sure your home is well sealed against any infestation.
  • Double-check the caulking around your windows, the sealant around your doors, and make sure that your vents, pipes, and masonry are secure.
  • Close all attic windows and make sure there are no holes where squirrels can get into your attic.
  • Finally, try not to attract squirrels to your property. Never feed a squirrel, or else others are sure to come looking for food as well. Also, keep your birdseed secure: either use a squirrel-safe feeder or avoid using one entirely.

Squirrels don’t want to stay outside for the winter, so sometimes, they find a way in regardless of what you do. When this happens, don’t risk exposing yourself to sickness. Rather, let the pest control professionals at Neighborly Pest Control keep your home safe. Contact us today and we’ll remove your squirrel problem before they can cause any more damage.

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