How To Tell If Your Roseville Property Has A Termite Problem

termite damage to a cabinet door

Termites are small insects with a tan-colored appearance that eat the cellulose found in wood. They are social creatures that form large colonies and create pathways to travel between underground nests and sources of wood, which could include parts of your home. Termites can be beneficial to the outdoor environment by reducing wooden debris and materials; however, they also create millions of dollars in property damage nationwide each year.

Termites tend to eat away at wood structures from the inside and often go undetected until they have done significant damage. This can result in costly structural rehabilitation work, which according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, is “not typically covered” by homeowner’s insurance policies. 
Wood that is water damaged is preferred by termites since it is softer. They are generally attracted to wooden structures in areas of high humidity. In homes, they commonly exist inside walls, below flooring, and in crawlspaces. 

Ways To Identify A Possible Termite Intrusion

One telltale sign of the presence of termites is mud tubes or tunnels that allow them to safely travel between their nest and sources of wood. These are often visible in maze-like patterns near the foundation of a home. In some cases, people can hear a faint clicking sound that is generated by many termites rustling within a structure. 
Sometimes interior drywall will show discoloration or patches of moisture. Floors may feel flimsy, sound hollow, or become very squeaky when walked upon. Windows and doors located near areas with termite activity may shift and become difficult to close or properly seal.  
In the springtime, winged termites often appear in large swarms in preparation for their mating season. Swarmers are commonly mistaken as being flying ants. Swarms of termites often leave behind small clusters of their wings that are shed. 

Tips For Preventing Termites

There are a variety of preventative measures that can reduce the likelihood of developing a termite problem, including:

  • Removing fallen trees, stumps, firewood, and other unnecessary organic debris near the home’s exterior.
  • Closely inspecting the home’s foundation for cracks or other entry points and filling these crevices with a weatherproof sealant.
  • Creating a strong barrier that prevents parts of the foundation from directly contacting the soil.
  • Replacing any wooden structures that incurred serious water damage.
  • Sufficiently ventilating basement and crawlspace areas with a dehumidifier to minimize moisture and humidity.

Making The Responsible Choice When Suspecting Infestation

Avoid the mistake of underestimating the resilience of these and many other types of pests. Resist any urge to try eliminating these problems using overhyped store-bought products. Amid these efforts, the infestation may potentially be spreading into other rooms of the home. It is critical to make the right choice the first time by calling a local professional that provides an effective overall solution. 

Leading Extermination Company In The Roseville Area

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