Roseville Homeowner's Exclusive Guide To Paper Wasps

paper wasp crawling on its nest

There are many pests that you might encounter in your Roseville home from rats to ants to cockroaches. While there are some pests that don’t really pose many risks, there are others that can be dangerous to health and property. One pest that most people don’t want to encounter because of their ability to sting is the wasp. There are many species of wasps that you might deal with, and paper wasps are some of the most common.

These wasps are named because the material they use to make their nests is similar in appearance to paper. They are also sometimes referred to as umbrella wasps because of the shape of their nests.

What Does A Paper Wasp Look Like?

There are several different kinds of paper wasps that you might encounter. While there is some variance depending on the specific kind of paper wasps, there are many similarities. Paper wasps also have different characteristics than yellow jackets and hornets.

Here are the identifying characteristics of paper wasps:

  • They are usually brown with yellow or red markings.
  • They have six long, thin legs.
  • Their antennae are long, and they have thin wings.
  • Their bodies have a thin middle area.
  • You can pick them out because of the papery appearance of their nests.

If you notice paper wasps flying around on your property, you likely have some questions. You probably want to know how much of a risk paper wasps are and what can be done to prevent them.

Benefits and Risks of Paper Wasps

When most people think about wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets, they don’t have good feelings. Most people associate these kinds of insects with painful stings and aggressive behavior. However, there are some benefits to paper wasps. They help with pollination as they eat nectar. They can also be beneficial because they help control some insect populations because they feed insects to their larvae.

Paper wasps are not all bad as they provide some benefits to the environment. At the same time, they aren’t insects that you want around your home. This is because they can be aggressive, mostly if disturbed, and their stings hurt. Also, in some cases, allergic reactions may result from their sting. They can also be a problem because they are able to sting multiple times in a row, unlike bumblebees which can only sting once.

How To Safely Remove A Nest

Trying to get rid of a paper wasps’ nest is when you’re most at risk for getting stung. If you do have paper wasps on your property, the best thing to do is contact the professionals at Neighborly Pest Management. We have over 40 years of experience in getting rid of wasps and other pests in the Roseville, CA area.

If you have questions about wasp prevention or need a nest removed, you can trust our skilled technicians to address the infestation quickly and safely. Give us a call to get a free estimate.