Why Can't I Get These Cockroaches Out Of My Roseville Home?

a brown banded cockroach in a Roseville home

Rowdy roaches wriggling into your Roseville home? That’s no good! Ridding yourself and your home of rambunctious roach rabble? Even worse! Cockroaches come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Here in the warm state of California, we see more species of cockroaches than just about anywhere else. Warm temperatures, high levels of humidity, and large numbers of people (and their garbage) are readily available to this particular species of pest.

A few of the more common varieties found in Roseville include:  

  • The German cockroach 
  • The Brownbanded cockroach 
  • The Oriental cockroach 
  • The American cockroach 
  • The Turkestan cockroach

Each of these species is different in form but all too similar in function. Their impressive formidability is widely known to pest control experts and homeowners alike. 

  • Cockroaches are capable of living up to one month without food and two weeks without water. 
  • Certain varieties of female cockroaches only need to mate once to remain fertile for life. 
  • Roaches are not necessarily able to live past a nuclear blast, but they can live up to one week without a head. 
  • Cockroaches are almost impossible to kill, which is a bad omen for you and your household. Thanks to the dangers surrounding their presence, every passing day will raise your risks for serious consequences.

The Reason Why Roseville Cockroaches Are So Hard Kill

Roaches are nasty little critters that just love hanging out in the places we deem most unappealing. Most of us already know that cockroaches are pesky garbage lovers that can’t keep away from refuse, but many of us fail to realize just how gross of a habitat cockroaches tend to infest. For reference, think of dirty sewers, crusty bathroom drains, and dank basements or crawl spaces. Feel gross yet? You should! After all, cockroaches spread their filth all over your kitchen counters, cutlery, and food prep surfaces.

The reason why you can’t get cockroaches out of your home is simple: there’s something around the property that is attracting them to your location. Some attractants are:

  • Food: Your home has a lot of garbage, food waste, or floor crumbs that keep cockroach species happy and healthy. 
  • Water: High levels of humidity, leaking pipes, or clogged drains have built a damp habitat for cockroaches to enjoy. 
  • Shelter: The clutter around your floors and carpets have made a great hiding place for roach colonies and their families.

Once cockroaches get into a house, they become exceedingly difficult to get back out. Their high levels of reproduction and incredible formidability make them an equally matched foe against solo pest control efforts. Cockroaches are hard to fight, but not impossible with the right techniques. To learn more about the options that may be right for you, schedule a home inspection with the team at Neighborly Pest Management right away. 

Protect What You Love With Neighborly Pest Management

Cockroach infestations present you with one of two major options: face the problem on your own with no clear path forward, or invest in a pest control company with your needs set first. While you may be tempted to go the first route, it is important to remember that cockroaches require immediate action and urgency to eliminate. Hesitation could be the biggest mistake you ever make. 
The best way to protect yourself and your family from the dangers of cockroach infestation is through professional help at Neighborly Pest Management. We’re proud to have served residents of Roseville for years with caring services that prioritize safety before all else. We have your back, guaranteed. Get cockroach free this spring with some help from Neighborly Pest Management!