Five Signs Of Bed Bugs To Watch For Around Your Roseville Home

a bed bug crawling on sheets

Many factors contribute to rough sleep. Your neighbors could be playing loud music at two in the morning. You might have pets that like to howl or bark as the sun comes up. Sometimes hard pillows and scratchy mattress covers are the cause of bad sleep. We are here today to talk about one specific problem that is ruining sleep homeowners all around Roseville, bed bugs. If you do not know what bed bugs are, but know you don’t want to share your sleeping area with them, here are five signs to identify these pests around your Roseville home.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are parasitic pests that rely on the blood of humans and occasionally animals to survive. You can identify bed bugs by their reddish-brown, oval-shaped, apple seed-sized bodies. We should mention that you are unlikely to ever see a live bed bug as they are incredibly gifted at staying out of sight. Interestingly, bed bugs aren’t nocturnal but instead work around the sleep schedules of the individuals whose homes they invade. If you work a night job and sleep during the day, bed bugs will hide at night and only come out to feed when you are sleeping from noon to nine. Call the experts for help at Neighborly Pest Management if you think these sneaky bugs are sharing your sheets, sooner than later!

How Bed Bugs Get Into Homes

Bed bugs are not mobile pests. They cannot fly, do not have powerful jumping legs, and they cannot run. Despite these limitations, bed bugs travel more than any other pests. How? By hitchhiking, of course. What you see as a backpack, piece of luggage, or purse, bed bugs see as a bus, plane, or taxi cab. Any item you carry with you out into public, bed bugs can use as a mode of transportation. Bed bug populations are typically most dense around areas of heavy human foot traffic. Bus stations, movie theaters, malls, shopping centers, hotels, and medical facilities are hotspots for bed bug activity. 
If you plan on traveling, be mindful of where you put your traveling gear down so that you can actively avoid them. With all this in mind, here are five of the most common signs bed bugs leave throughout homes, businesses, and on homeowners:

  • Bloodstains on bed coverings
  • Dots of reddish-black fecal matter around homes
  • Small almost see-through eggs inside cracks and crevices
  • Bites in a straight line or zig-zag pattern across your skin
  • Live bed bugs crawling around

When traveling, check rooms you plan on staying in for these signs before settling in. If you suspect bed bugs are around, highly consider changing rooms or establishments altogether. In the same way, check used items, especially furniture, for signs of bed bugs before buying. The more you actively keep your eyes out for bed bugs, the less chance you will have of bringing home an infestation.

What To Do If Bed Bugs Invade

If you have seen signs of a bed bug infestation around your Roseville home, let the professionals at Neighborly Pest Management come to have a look. We will thoroughly inspect your home and determine if you do or do not have a bed bug infestation. If your technician finds a problem, they will walk you through how their treatments work and schedule a service date for your home. Give us a call today at Neighborly Pest Management for any questions or to schedule a visit for your Roseville home.