Fairfield, CA Pest Control
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Fairfield Pest Control Services

Put a Stop to Intrusive Pests

As the county seat of Solano County, Fairfield is part of the North Bay while also being close to the Sacramento Valley area and wine country. Nestled next to the San Francisco Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, Grizzley, and Suisun Bays, we enjoy a beautiful natural environment. With so much nature surrounding us, we are no strangers to wildlife, including bugs, rodents, and insects.

When invading your home, pests pose various threats to your family and property. Along with damaging belongings and potentially causing structural issues in your home, pests are notorious carriers of dangerous diseases and harmful parasites. To prevent these pesky problems and potential financial losses due to pest infestations, it's time to contact Neighborly Pest Management and adopt a comprehensive pest control plan that eliminates and prevents common Fairfield pests.

Call (916) 909-0956 or message us online to schedule a comprehensive pest inspection at your Fairfield home or commercial property.

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Integrated Bi-Monthly Home Pest Control Plans

When it comes to providing ongoing pest management, Neighborly Pest Management offers bi-monthly pest control service plans. These plans are designed to eliminate existing pest issues and prevent future ones. Our service starts with a detailed inspection of your property. Besides inspecting your home and attic, we go further with a thorough yard inspection to comprehensively understand your current pest issues, potential entry points, and likely problem areas.

Each bi-monthly treatment includes the following:

  • Interior/exterior inspection
  • Exterior treatment
  • Interior treatment, when necessary
  • Spider web removal
  • Wasp nest removal, when necessary

Neighborly Pest Management is also committed to customer satisfaction. Therefore, if the pests return between visits, so will wee.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

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    “Nate is an excellent technician. He is a big reason we’re so happy with the service! Overall a great company and fair pricing.”
    - M.D.
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    “I feel confident they're taking excellent care of my home!”
    “Adam was fantastic! Super friendly and professional. I felt at ease and knew I could ask any question, no matter how dumb it sounded, and he was able to answer and provide more information based on my concerns.”
    - Erin D.
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    “I cannot appreciate his level of service more!”
    “We have been using Neighborly Pest for many years. While we have had many competitors come to our door, we have no interest in changing. Doug has been our technician during our entire service, and he is absolutely the best, always friendly!”
    - Brittany A.
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    “Professional, every time!”
    “We’ve used Neighborly for a couple of years and have had outstanding service consistently throughout. Doug is mindful of our pets and kid's safety as well, making sure that our home is a safe environment for everyone except the pests!”
    - Greg
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    “We've used them for years and we'll never leave!”
    “We can't share enough positive feedback about Doug and Neighborly Pest. Doug has always gone above and beyond to make sure our house stays bug-free!! He's considerate and always follows up to see how things are going after his visit.”
    - Sabrina C.
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    “I highly recommend Doug and the rest of the Neighborly team!”
    “I have been working with Doug from Neighborly for over two years now, and it has been a pleasure. He is always friendly and knowledgeable and has taken care of every pest situation we have encountered.”
    - Holly K.