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Professional Pest Control Services For West Sacramento, California

West Sacramento is a city located in Yolo County and is a fast-growing community of people that are proud to call this area home. To help keep your home or business free of the many pests that also live here in West Sacramento, partner with the certified pest technicians at Neighborly Pest Management. We have over 40 years of experience in the pest control industry.

You can count on us to eliminate pest problems by using advanced pest control technologies and treatments. Being locally owned and operated, we understand the many pest pressures West Sacramento homeowners and business owners face and how to solve them. Whether you need one-time services or ongoing treatments, Neighborly Pest Management is right for you. Contact us today to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control options.

Home Pest Control In West Sacramento, CA

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Don’t give pests such as rodents, termites, or ants the chance to invade your West Sacramento home. Protect the health and well-being of your family by putting into place a year-round pest control plan from Neighborly Pest Management.

Regardless of what pest problems you’re facing, we make it our primary focus to provide effective pest control treatments. Our residential pest control process includes thorough exterior and interior inspections, bi-monthly services, specific pest treatments, and free re-treatments if pests return between regular service visits.

Reach out to the professionals here at Neighborly Pest Management to ask about all the residential pest control services we have to offer.

Commercial Pest Control In West Sacramento, CA

Your West Sacramento business needs complete pest control services just as much as your home does. When it comes to protecting your commercial property from pests, no one can do it better than the licensed pest technicians at Neighborly Pest Management. We implement Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques into all commercial pest control options, ensuring that we will deal with your pest problems at their source. Don’t wait for pests to disturb your customers and damage your reputation. Give Neighborly Pest Management a call today to learn more about what we can do to protect your West Sacramento business.

Problems Rodents Cause In West Sacramento, CA

Mice, rats, and squirrels are just a few rodents that consider West Sacramento home. These small mammals are common pests that invade homes and businesses, searching for easy access to sources of food, water, and shelter. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to control rodents, especially once they multiply. Although some rodents might seem harmless or even cute, it’s important to realize that rodents are dangerous pests. They are pests that you never want to find in or around your West Sacramento property. Some of the problems rodents can cause when they invade include:

  • Disease:  Rodents are carriers of many dangerous diseases, such as plague, tularemia, and hantavirus. They can also contaminate your food items with harmful bacteria and pathogens. 

  • Damage:  Rodent infestations lead to a lot of damage to your property. Rodents have large front teeth that never stop growing. To keep their teeth from growing too long, they will chew on furniture, pipes, wires, structural beams, and personal items. 

  • Danger:  Rodents are wild animals, and you should treat them as such. Mice, rats, and squirrels might become aggressive if you corner them, leading to painful bites and scratches. Never try to remove rodents without professional help.

Neighborly Pest Management provides effective rodent control services. We remove current infestations and prevent future invasions. Whether you need rodent trapping, exclusion, or sanitary services, Neighborly Pest Management has your back. Get in touch with us today for more information about our rodent control services.

Three Signs Bed Bugs Have Invaded Your West Sacramento, CA Home

Did you know that bed bugs can survive both high and low temperatures? They are capable of living anywhere that people live and are active year-round. Bed bugs live in all 50 states where they can withstand most natural climates. When it comes to keeping these blood-feeding pests out of your West Sacramento home or business, there’s only so much you can do.

Keeping your belongings off the ground in public spaces, inspecting your hotel room for bed bugs, and avoiding used furniture are all ways that you can minimize your chances of picking up bed bugs. However, no matter what you do to stop them, bed bugs might still invade. Here are three signs you can use to identify bed bug activity in your home or business:

  • Bloodstains: If you notice blood stains on your sheets, clothing, and bedding, it’s a huge indicator of a bed bug infestation.
  • Bites: Bed bugs don’t bite in random locations. Instead, they will leave rows of small red bite marks across exposed skin areas.
  • Bed Bugs: Bed bugs are small, oval insects that are reddish-brown in color. Their eggs are tiny, white, and are the size of a pinhead.

Without professional help, it’s nearly impossible to control bed bug infestations. Neighborly Pest Management offers bed bug control, including steam, heat, and fumigation treatments. Avoid dealing with bed bugs when you reach out for immediate help from Neighborly Pest Management today.


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