Mouse Control 101: What Every Roseville Homeowner Ought To Know

a house mouse in a kitchen cabinet

Mice may look cute from a distance, but they're anything but when they're up close in your home. Unfortunately, many homeowners don't fully understand these dangers and drag their feet on calling pest control services in Roseville, putting themselves at risk.

Please read our guide below to learn why mice are such a threat, and call Neighborly Pest Management when you need help getting rid of mice from your Roseville home

Habits And Behaviors Of Common House Mice

To better understand how to get rid of mice, it helps to understand how they behave. Knowing these quirks and habits can clue you into signs around your house that you're living with a mouse infestation. The most observable behaviors of house mice include the following:

  • Constant chewing, particularly on wood: Mice feel near-constant pain in their mouths because their teeth are continually growing. Frequent chewing helps keep their dental health in check.
  • Increased noise at night: Mice are nocturnal and do most of their activities at night. However, if you listen closely, you can hear them running, clawing, and chattering during late-night hours.
  • Mice hate bright lights: They cope with this by building their nests in dark areas. Inside walls and beneath floors are ideal conditions for them to call home.

Our team of experts considers rat behaviors when planning mouse control services to ensure our treatments are as effective as possible.

Why Mice In Your House Can Be So Problematic

There is no safety in living with invasive mice. They are rapid breeders, and as their numbers grow, so do the risks they bring to your home. Besides their behaviors compelling them to destroy parts of your property, they also carry dire consequences for your health.

Mice can transmit diseases like plague and salmonellosis through physical contact, but that isn't always necessary. Their waste can spread some pathogens, and they can contaminate surfaces just by walking across them. Even if you never encounter a mouse, it can still harm you just by being present.

As a mouse pest control company, we understand the importance of sanitation as part of extermination. We aim to treat infected areas as part of our services to ensure that we eliminate every threat an infestation poses, even after the mice are gone.

Five Simple Yet Effective Mouse Prevention Tips For Around The House

Of course, the best defense against mice is prevention. Keeping pests outdoors and repelling them from your property will save you time and money compared to combating infestation.

Follow these five steps tips to keep your home safe from mice:

  1. Seal any entry points outside your homes, such as cracks in a wall or loose siding.
  2. Keep your garbage in sealed containers to dissuade scavenging.
  3. Clean your floors regularly to remove food crumbs that could otherwise attract mice.
  4. Maintain your lawn to eliminate potential nesting sites outdoors.
  5. Store any food for you or your pets properly to prevent it from attracting mice.

Neighborly Pest Management works with each client to identify the best mouse prevention methods for their situation. Of course, every home is different, but our professionals have the experience to mouse-proof any home.

The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Mice In Your Home

Traps and bait are never enough to end an infestation; getting rid of mice means targeting your entire home at once, and that's a job suited only for professionals. That's where Neighborly Pest Management comes in.

We offer the best mouse pest control in Roseville by performing thorough examinations and treatments based on our customer's needs. We're so confident in our ability to work with you that we back our work with a 100% guarantee. So don't delay! Call us now for a free estimate and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Roseville.