Winning The Battle Against Ants In Roseville: Expert Advice On Effective Control

a carpenter ant crawling on a homes foundation

Without proper ant control in Roseville, it can feel like you’re losing a battle. After all, ants remain some of the most common household pests in the United States, and evolution has made ants good at building colonies, gathering vital resources, communicating with one another, and defending their colonies against threats.  

It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed after discovering there are ants in your house, especially if they’ve found their way to your kitchen and food storage areas. But we know how you can overcome an ant invasion, and this article will get you started. 

So join us for a guide to winning the battle against ants, featuring information on common types of ants, dangers, and prevention mistakes that you should avoid at all costs.

Types Of Ants: Understanding Common Ant Species

Different types of ants can sometimes bring different problems to your home, and while we don’t have the time to provide details on every known species of ant, we do want to prioritize certain species common in the area. 

Odorous house ants are about the most typical ant species you can expect to see. They have a similar size to many other species, and like quite a few other species, they don’t cause substantial property damage or carry disease-spreading germs. They do, however, smell bad when squished. 

Then there are carpenter ants, which are definitely worth worrying about. True to their name, carpenter ants can chew through wood with their mandibles, and this is a major part of their daily routine. In other words, carpenter ants can do significant damage to your home.   

Ant Dangers: Understanding The Risks Of An Infestation

In a general sense, are ants dangerous? What really are the risks of an ant infestation in your living space? Understanding the risks of an ant infestation in your home will hopefully encourage stronger prevention and control efforts. 

Though this doesn’t apply to the species previously listed, many species of ants can spread germs that lead to harmful human diseases, so even when property damage isn’t a factor, seemingly harmless ants can still cause problems. 

The risk of property damage is a serious concern for carpenter ant infestations and other relevant species. Like termites, carpenter ants can cause costly damage to the internal structure of your home, as virtually all homes use wood extensively to support key elements. 

It’s also possible to encounter ant species that are known to attack humans when threatened. Generally, ant bites won’t be life-threatening, but they can cause painful symptoms. 

Ant Prevention Mistakes To Avoid: Common Pitfalls And Solutions

Instead of presenting our ant prevention tips on their own, we’d like to juxtapose them with some of the most common mistakes people make when trying to ant-proof their homes:

  • Mistake 1: Leaving food out near a trap as bait. Never provide ants with food, as this will only encourage a longer stay. 
  • Mistake 2: Assuming only one or two ants are present. Seeing any ants is a sign of more to come. 
  • Mistake 3: Spraying trails of ants with a hose may remove some ants, but it also provides them with a water source. 
  • Mistake 4: Letting pets deal with ants. Depending on the species, this can be dangerous for your pets and is generally ineffective. 

Avoiding these mistakes is vital to enacting effective ant prevention for your home. 

Professional Pest Control: A Smart Ant Control Solution

If you’re wondering how to have ants completely removed from your home, you’re in luck. Here’s the process in its entirety: 

  • Step 1: Find an ant control service near your home. 
  • Step 2: Let the pros do all the hard work. 

It’s really just that simple. Pest control providers know how to handle ant infestations and guarantee removal.  

If you’re searching for home pest control services in Roseville, contact Neighborly Pest Management today.