What's Attracting Wasps To My Home In Folsom?

wasps on nest

While bees are often considered the more dangerous of the two, you should not take wasps lightly. These hazardous insects can sting you and your family without warning. For those who are allergic, these stings can be fatal.

If wasps build a nest on your property, this problem can quickly get out of hand. Contact pest control in Folsom for immediate assistance. They'll safely and rapidly dispatch any wasps on your property, guaranteeing the safety of your family and pets.

Why Stinging Insects Thrive Around Folsom Yards 

The most common type of wasp in Folsom is the paper wasp. They thrive here because of the climate and the abundance of food. The mild winters and hot summers provide an ideal environment for these insects to grow and prosper.

These pests are also attracted to sweet foods like fruit, soda, and honey. If you have these items around your home, they will draw in wasps. The best way to prevent wasps from becoming a problem on your property is to take steps to deter them. You can also consult a wasp exterminator in Folsom for more tips on keeping these pests away.

How To Prevent Wasps Around Your Home 

There are a few things you can do to prevent wasps from becoming a problem on your property.

  • Keep sweet foods like fruit, soda, and honey inside and out of reach from wasps.
  • Remove any flowering plants that may attract wasps.
  • Install screens on your windows and doors to keep wasps outside.
  • Plant certain flowers that wasps don't like. Marigolds, eucalyptus, and mint are all examples of plants that will help keep wasps away.
  • Keep your yard clean and free of debris.

If you take these steps, you'll likely see a reduction in the number of wasps around your home. However, if you notice an increase in activity, it's best to call a pest control professional for wasp removal.

Why Professional Treatment For Wasps Is Worth It 

The best way to get rid of wasps in Folsom is to call a professional. These experts have the tools, knowledge, and experience to safely remove wasps from your property. They'll also be able to give you wasp prevention tips to ensure that the problem doesn't come back.

It's important to remember that wasps can be dangerous, and their stings can cause serious health problems. So if you think you have a wasp problem, it's best to call a professional for assistance. They'll get rid of the pests quickly and safely, so you can rest easy knowing your family is protected.

If you're not sure whether or not professional treatment is worth it, consider the following:

  • Wasp stings can cause serious health problems, including anaphylactic shock.
  • A typical paper wasp nest in Folsom can contain thousands of wasps.
  • Do-it-yourself treatments for wasps can be dangerous and often don't work.
  • Professionals have the tools, knowledge, and experience to get rid of wasps quickly and safely.
  • They can also give you tips on how to prevent future problems.

If you're still not sure whether professional treatment is worth it, contact a pest control contractor in Folsom for a free consultation. They'll be able to assess your situation and give you more information about the best course of action for your home.

Call Neighborly Pest Management For Expert Wasp Control In Folsom 

When it comes to wasps, it's always best to err on the side of caution. If you think you have a wasp problem on your Folsom property, contact Neighborly Pest Management for expert wasp control.

We understand stinging pests don't belong near your home or business. We will work diligently to remove them and protect you and your property. Contact us today for a free consultation!