Help! I Have Spiders Inside My Folsom Home

jumping spider crawling around

How many eyes do spiders have? Are spiders dangerous? If you’ve got spiders in your Folsom home, you likely have questions too. Here’s what Folsom residents should know about spiders, venomous spiders how to spot them, and how pest control in Folsom can help with spiders in your home. 

How Many Eyes And Legs Do Spiders Have?

While it can depend on the type of spider, most spiders have eight eyes. Strangely enough, certain types of spiders may only have six, two, or even no eyes at all. Regardless of how many eyes they have, all spiders have strong senses and are able to hunt and kill their prey. 

How many legs do spiders have? Unlike the number of eyes that may change from species to species, all spiders have eight legs. Their large number of legs and eyes are what separate spiders from most insects and make them part of the arachnid family – just like scorpions, mites, and ticks. 

How Many Venomous Spider Species Are There?

All spiders are venomous, but only two species have venom that is medically significant for people: black widows and brown recluse spiders. Are black widow spiders deadly? A black widow is the most venomous spider in the country, and without treatment, these bites can in rare cases be fatal. 

A brown recluse spider is not nearly as venomous as a black widow, but its venom is still more potent than a rattlesnake’s. A brown recluse bite can eventually lead to tissue death or necrosis if you don’t receive medical attention. 

What Should I Look Out For To Spot Common Poisonous Spiders?

How do you identify a brown recluse or black widow spider? As black spiders with red hourglass markings, black widows are one of the easiest spiders to identify by sight. Female black widows grow larger than their male counterparts at up to 1 ½ inches long, and male black widows are usually only half that size. 

As for brown recluse spiders, these pests can be a little harder to identify. While many types of spiders may share the brown recluse’s tan coloring, one major characteristic sets these spiders apart: a violin-shaped mark on their cephalothorax. And, unlike the common house spider, brown recluse spiders are also solid brown – if you see stripes or bands around their legs or body, you can be confident you’re not dealing with a brown recluse.

There Are Spiders In My House! What Should I Do?

Given how dangerous a black widow or brown recluse bite can be if you receive one, the safest way to remove dangerous spiders from your property is with professional help from Neighborly Pest Management. 

Rather than do it yourself and risk a bite, our experienced specialists have the training and gear they need to safely remove any black widow or brown recluse infestation as well as deal with whatever may be drawing them to your property. 

If you’ve got a spider problem or suspect you may have a spider infestation in Folsom, don’t put yourself at risk. Contact us today at Neighborly Pest Management to learn more about our spider control services and how we may be able to help you with pest control services in Counsman and Folsom.