How To Tell If The Spiders In Your Folsom Home Are Dangerous

cellar spider

When you open your closet or look down at your floor and see a spider scurrying by, it can be terrifying. Spiders are one pest that people absolutely dread discovering. Even if you don’t find spiders particularly scary, they can still be unsettling with their many legs and rows of eyes. Luckily, most spiders in Folsom, California aren’t that dangerous, but they can still be disruptive when living on your property.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to identify common spiders in the area and get some effective prevention measures.

Dangerous Vs. Non-Dangerous Spiders In Folsom

All spiders have fangs and venom, and they use this venom to incapacitate their prey. However, most spiders in the area don’t have strong enough venom to hurt people or cats and dogs. There are only two spiders in the country that are considered medically significant, and they aren’t nearly as prevalent as the more harmless species.

Here are the main species you’ll find in the area and how you can identify them:

  • Wolf spiders: This fast-moving species hunts down its prey instead of creating webs to catch them. They have hairy, stout legs and patterns of grey, brown, and black.
  • Cellar spiders: This species makes small, irregular-shaped webs. They are usually a tan or yellow color and have very spindly and long legs.
  • Black widow spiders: These spiders are dangerous to encounter as they are one of the few spiders to have potent enough venom to hurt you. They are jet black with red hourglass-shaped markings on their underbellies. 
  • Brown recluse spiders: Just like black widow spiders, this species is dangerous. They have venom that can hurt people and pets. They are also a bit more challenging to identify as they can be mistaken for other, more common brown spiders. However, you can look for the lack of markings on their legs and a figure eight-shaped marking behind their heads. 

Six Reliable Spider Prevention Tips 

Spiders mainly come around homes in search of their prey. They don’t seek shelter from the weather or look to eat the food we leave behind. Instead, they will enter areas that have ample insect prey. Usually, if you see spiders, it’s because you have underlying pest problems that are already in place.

In order to prevent spiders, you need to focus on preventing small insects. Here are six things you can do:

  1. Practice good sanitation habits by covering trash cans with lids and taking out the trash often.
  2. Wipe up food and drink spills right after they happen and do dirty dishes often. Keep in mind that clean kitchens will deter many insects.
  3. Seal up entry points into the home by fixing cracks and crevices in the exterior walls and the foundation.
  4. Replace or install screens, door sweeps, and weather stripping.
  5. Always store firewood at least 30 feet away from the exterior of your property, as black widows often live here.
  6. Seek out home pest control assistance.

The Best Spider Control In Folsom

Tired of seeing spiders around your house? Let the experts at Neighborly Pest Management help you. We offer comprehensive spider control that eradicates spiders as well as their insect prey. We then work with you to provide ongoing treatments so that you don’t have spider problems again.