Pest Spotlight: Paper Wasps In Elk Grove

paper wasp on a fencepost

A paper wasp is one of more than 5,000 wasp species belonging to the Vespidae family. This umbrella term refers to multiple wasp species, and paper wasps have the name for their nest-building behaviors. Paper wasps collect fibers from plant stems and dead wood and mix these fibers with their saliva to build paper-like nests, which are typically brown or grey in appearance.
Like most wasps, paper wasps are aggressive, and their stings are painful. Paper wasp venom can also cause severe reactions in some people. Pest Control in Elk Grove is the only way homeowners can practice total wasp prevention and permanently keep paper wasps away from their property.
Read on to learn what paper wasps look like and why they are attracted to your home. We’ll also answer the questions as to why paper wasps are aggressive and how to deal with paper wasps properly.

What Paper Wasps Look Like

Paper wasps have black or brown bodies with yellow stripes that run horizontally across their bodies. Less commonly, paper wasp stripes may be orange or red. Paper wasps measure about a half-inch to three-quarters of an inch long and have long, thin legs that dangle as they fly and two orange-tipped antennae.

Why Paper Wasps Are Attracted To Your Home

The reason why professional paper wasp nest removal is essential is that paper wasps are like homes. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Living in and around homes provides paper wasps with greater access to food, particularly more insects. 
  • Wasps, in general, tend to remain in the vicinity of where they were born. Although they don’t reuse nests, they are likely to build new nests close to the old ones. 
  • Homes feature structural components, such as ceilings and overhangs, where wasps particularly look to build their nests. 

Living nearby homes also provides wasps with greater access to weathered wood materials, which they use to collect the fibers to build their nests.

Why Are Paper Wasps Aggressive?

Enlisting the help of a wasp removal service in Elk Grove is particularly important because paper wasps, and different types of wasps in general, are aggressive. Paper wasps are hostile because:

  • Paper wasps are territorial.
  • Paper wasps identified as workers know that it’s their job to protect the queen.
  • Some species of paper wasp release an “attack pheromone,” which signals to all other wasps in the hive that there’s an impending threat and often results in multiple, painful stings to the threat. 

Paper wasps are one of the more unassuming wasp species, and they become aggressive only after they suspect there is a danger to the nest.

How To Properly Deal With Paper Wasps

Attempting to remove paper wasps from your Elk Grove property independently can expose you to painful stings, which can be life-threatening for some people. It’s not worth the risk because Neighborly Pest Management, a wasp exterminator in Elk Grove, has the skills, equipment, experience, and workforce to get the job done for you.
With over 40 years of experience, Neighborly Pest Management knows how to handle paper wasps and any other problematic pests in your Elk Grove home. A local, family-owned, and operated company, we aim to ensure that your needs are met as soon as possible, providing same-day service and emergency services.
We have a service-back guarantee, meaning that if pests return after our service, we’ll return to re-treat your home at no charge—so you can’t go wrong! For help with paper wasps and other pests, call Neighborly Pest Management today.