Cockroach Management Guidelines For Sacramento Homeowners

up close image of a cockroach crawling on a kitchen floor

Cockroaches can cause many problems for Sacramento home and business owners. While each cockroach variety—such as the fast-breeding German cockroach and the massive American cockroach—has its unique look and behaviors, all species have more in common than not. This fact makes cockroach control a little easier, especially if you are trying to prevent a cockroach infestation rather than dealing with one. 

Read on to learn the issues an infestation of roaches can bring to your property and how Neighborly Pest Management can help resolve your cockroach problem.

Cockroach Prevention Is Best For Sacramento Homes

The best way to keep the cockroaches out of your home is to make your property hard to get into and unattractive to roaches. Cockroaches can squeeze into spaces much smaller than their bodies, and they are also not picky eaters. Anything remotely edible in your house could attract cockroaches. Fortunately, you do not have to turn to ineffective cockroach control products, such as sprays or baits. You just have to make a few simple lifestyle tweaks:

  • Perform regular inspections of your home’s exterior and seal any cracks or holes you find.
  • Always keep both indoor and outdoor trash cans covered with tight lids.
  • Never leave pet foods or dirty pet bowls sitting out.
  • Clean up immediately after meals and rinse dishes right away.
  • Store foods either in the fridge or in airtight pantry containers.
  • Repair moisture issues like leaky pipes or clogged drainage.

Problems Cockroaches Bring To Sacramento Homes

Seeing signs of cockroach infestation in your Sacramento home is not something you can just let lie. Cockroaches can bring a host of problems for homeowners, including dangers to their health. The primary problem cockroaches cause is the spreading of disease. These nasty buggers often hang out in unsanitary places, such as sewers and garbage dumps. They then bring all the pathogens they pick up from filthy areas right into your home. Roaches are known to spread salmonella, listeria, and even the plague. 

Cockroaches can also cause moderate property damage. Although they cannot knock your whole house down as termites can, roaches can leave stains and foul odors. They may also attract infestations of other dangerous pests like venomous spiders or scorpions. Moreover, if you are trying to sell your home, an infestation of roaches can plummet your home's value and make it difficult to attract buyers. Potential homebuyers will be scared away from your property if, upon entering, a giant American cockroach greets them.

Cockroaches Are Hard To Get Rid Of In Sacramento

Cockroaches are one of the toughest bugs on the planet, with a reputation for being indestructible. One of the reasons all cockroaches are tough to get rid of is their resistance to over-the-counter cockroach control products.

Another reason these bugs are so tough to get rid of is their breeding speed. German cockroaches, for example, are infamous for their rapid breeding. A few mature roaches can balloon into a population of hundreds, producing an infestation in weeks. That is where the old adage about the cockroach comes from—if you see one, there are fifty you don't see.

Why You Should Call A Professional In Sacramento

If you see signs of cockroach infestation in your home, you need to act fast. We’ve talked already about the dangers cockroaches pose to your health and why they’re so tough for homeowners to get rid of. The good news is help is just a click or call away. Here at Neighborly Pest Management, we offer safe and effective cockroach control plans tailored to fit your needs. If you’re ready to give the roaches settling in your residence the boot, contact us today to get started.