How Can I Tell If I Have Bed Bugs In My Sacramento Home?

a bed bug and larvae on a bed

Bed bug control can be tricky for Sacramento residents because it is tough to figure out if you have bed bugs and tougher still to get rid of them. Nevertheless, avoiding a bed bug infestation is a must because bed bug control services in Sacramento can cost a fortune. What is even worse is that you rarely have a choice other than to do these expensive treatments because, contrary to what their name suggests, bed bugs can infest your whole house, including every piece of furniture, every appliance, and even flooring! 

Continue reading to learn more about these bloodsuckers and how Neighborly Pest Management—the local pest control for bed bugs—can save your Sacramento home from an infestation.

What Bed Bugs Look Like In Sacramento

Bed bugs look almost like tiny ticks. They are flat, oval-shaped, with a tan to light brown coloration. Many people think bed bugs are microscopic, but this is not true. Bed bugs are hard to come across because they are excellent at hiding. Bed bugs tend to bite you while you are sleeping and crawl back into the folds and creases of your mattress before you wake. That is why they are frequently confused with fleas.

Confusion between a bed bug infestation and a flea infestation is likely to happen when finding the bites but not the bugs. At first glance, bed bug bites look similar to flea bites. However, there are marked differences between bed bug bites and flea bites. For example, bed bug bites will always appear in clusters on parts of the body that contact your bed. Meanwhile, flea bites will not have any pattern and are usually near the feet and ankles.

Where Bed Bugs Tend To Hide In Sacramento

Where do bed bugs hide? In a word: everywhere! That is one of the reasons why costs for bed bug pest control in Sacramento can skyrocket with a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs breed fast, and they are so sneaky about it that they can explode in numbers and be all over your house before you realize there is a problem. Bed bugs hide in every conceivable spot, including behind light switch covers, under keyboard keys, inside bathroom and kitchen appliances, and even in between carpet fibers. Bed bug pest control in Sacramento often involves whole-home treatments such as fumigation, as these treatments account for how well bed bugs can hide.

Bed Bugs In Sacramento Bite

Bed bugs are no fun. While they do not spread disease or cause serious injury, they do ruin your sleep, mattress, and peace of mind. Serious bed bug infestations will have you wrestling with the thought of being bitten while trying to fall asleep, causing anxiety and insomnia. Bed bugs can also reduce your home’s value and ruin thousands of dollars worth of clothing, furniture, and electronics. And that’s before you factor in the residential pest control costs for bed bug treatments. 

What To Do About Bed Bugs In Sacramento

The best strategy for bed bug control is to not allow bed bugs to enter your home. The soundest way to do this is to avoid secondhand shopping like the plague and to be careful when traveling. Always check hotel mattresses for bugs before sleeping on them, and wash and dry your clothes in the highest setting possible when you arrive home. 

If you already have bed bugs, there’s only one thing to do. Call the experts here at Neighborly Pest Management! We offer the best bed bug control services in Sacramento and at the most reasonable prices. Give us a call or visit our contact page to schedule your bed bug inspection today!