Keep A Lookout For Wasps In Sacramento

wasp in a backyard

Looking out for all different types of wasps in Sacramento is essential if you want to avoid accidentally being stung by this aggressive pest. To help you out, professional wasp removal and wasp prevention are available through Sacramento pest control providers.

When Are Wasps Most Active In Sacramento?

Wasps prefer warmer temperatures and are most active during the warm summer months of July through August and even into September if temperatures are warm enough. During wasp season, you are likely to encounter all types of wasps out and about during the middle of the day; wasps will generally return to their nests during dusk and dawn when temperatures are cooler.

Common Places Wasps Nest

Wasps may nest all over your property, and different types of wasps tend to have specific preferences of where to live. It is important to be aware of these potential wasp nesting places, so you don’t accidentally run into a swarm of wasps protecting their home – this is a very easy way to get stung.

The types of wasps in Sacramento and their generally preferred nesting areas include:

  • Yellow Jackets: They are usually in ground nests found under porches or steps, in holes in your yard, in cracks in the sidewalk, in walls of your home, or at the base of trees.
  • Paper Wasps: Will be typically in elevated nests under the eaves of porches or other outdoor areas in your home, in garages, higher up in trees, and underneath docks.
  • Mud Daubers: Their nests are built out of mud and found on the sides of buildings, around your yard, under eaves, or in barns and attics.

Encountering these types of wasps and their nests can be a nightmare. Make sure that you contact Neighborly Pest Management to learn how to get rid of wasps to remove this pest.

Are Wasps Dangerous?

While not especially poisonous or indiscriminately lethal, wasps can be a dangerous pest to encounter due to their rather aggressive nature. This pest tends to sting whenever it feels they, or their nest, is evenly mildly threatened; it can also sting multiple times and will swarm a stinging victim. This can be incredibly painful and may even trigger allergies or anaphylaxis in an individual who has no prior allergy to insect stings.

To avoid encountering wasps on your property and stop you or your loved ones (including pets) from being stung, you can put these wasp prevention tips into place. Clear debris from your yard, fill in holes, address moisture issues, cover up outdoor trash, and refrain from leaving food and drink out in your yard.

Additionally, to deal with an active wasp infestation, you should be trusting the professionals at Neighborly Pest Management to remove this pest, so you don’t run the risk of being stung or having wasps returning.

How To Properly Remove Wasps

If you want to know how to get rid of wasps permanently and adequately, you should be reaching out to the best way to get rid of wasps in Sacramento – Neighborly Pest Management. The professionals at Neighborly Pest Management are highly experienced in identifying wasp problems and will be able to effectively and safely remove nests from your property. This protects you from getting stung and ensures that any wasp nest will not present a continued threat to your Sacramento property.

For wasp removal, you can trust, reach out to Neighborly Pest Management today.