Four Simple Tips To Keep Ants Away From Your Elk Grove Home

fire ant crawling on the ground

Nobody wants to deal with the headache of ants marching into their home. They come in large groups, and seemingly out of nowhere. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to keep them from ever becoming a problem in your home. Homeowners across California are searching for ways to keep these pests out of their homes, and we have four effective tips to share.

The Dangers Associated With Area Ants

Argentine ants, fire ants, and carpenter ants are the ant species most likely to invade your Elk Grove home. Each species has its own behavior, habitat, and threatens your home in unique ways.

Argentine ants are the least threatening. They do not pose a significant health risk, and they’ll only bite if provoked. You’re most likely to see them in areas of moisture, like pipes or potted plants, when they’re in your home. They’re mostly a nuisance pest, but they are known to crawl across unsanitary areas and may carry disease-causing bacteria into your kitchen.

You will definitely know you’ve made a mistake if you tread on a fire ant nest. These stinging ants are usually found outside in mound nests near structural foundations or in landscaping. Disturbing their nest will result in multiple fire ant stings which are quite painful. Usually, the stings will leave red welts, but people who are allergic will react more severely.

Carpenter ants are not interested in fixing anything in your home. As a matter of fact, if a carpenter ant infestation is left too long, you will be hiring a carpenter to fix the structural mess they’ve made. Carpenter ants invade wet or decayed wood, creating tunnels and building nests in dry, undamaged wood. These tunnels will hollow out the structure they’ve invaded and ruin the integrity of the wood.

All of these ant species have something in common: none of them are welcome in or around your home. Luckily there are ways to make your home less appealing to them and the best way to do that is to know what’s drawing them in.

Why Ants Want To Enter Your Home

Ants in California are all after the same resources when they invade your home. They are searching for food and water and will do whatever it takes to find it. Leaking pipes, improper drainage, crumbs, and spilled drinks are all very appealing to these six-legged insects. They will often make their way inside through various entry points like gaps in doors and windows, holes and cracks in the foundation, and the area around utility pipes and wires that isn’t properly sealed. Some may be carried in on potted plants, and carpenter ants, in particular, will burrow their way in through areas of decay. All of these factors affecting your risk of ant infestation can be moderated, and you can enjoy your home free of ants.

Four Ant Prevention Tips

With all the ways ants can get inside your home, prevention can seem overwhelming. This can be made easier by following these four ant prevention tips:

  • Eliminate food sources: Keep your food safely stored in airtight containers. Clear your sink of dishes, take the garbage out regularly, and keep crumbs and spills cleaned up properly. Keep your plumbing in good condition, free of leaks and drips.
  • Seal entry points: Keep all potential entry points sealed including cracks and holes in the foundation or siding. Inspect window screens for holes and replace them as needed. Install door sweeps or otherwise seal any gaps in your exterior doors. Repair any areas of moisture or decay in the wooden structure of your home.
  • Exterior maintenance: Inspect the exterior of your home for signs of moisture or decay in any wooden structures on your property. Examples include your home, porch, outbuildings, or fencing. Make sure that all water drains properly away from these structures to keep them dry and sturdy. Do a sweep of your lawn and take note of any potential fire ant mounds or other anthills.
  • Hire a professional: The easiest and most effective way to prevent ants from taking over your home is to hire a professional pest control company to do it all for you. They have the knowledge and experience to take care of any ant problems as well as any other pest problems you may not even realize you have.

Utilizing these tips will greatly reduce the likelihood of your home becoming overrun with these small pests. They are simple, effective, and can easily be made part of a homeowner's regular routine.

The Best Ant Control Is Professional

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