Why Are There Spiders In My Folsom Home?

a cellar spider crawling on a living room floor

Spiders are not just pests reserved for haunted houses or the untouched corners of your basement. As those of us living in Folsom know all too well, spiders can appear in virtually any area of the home! This area of California is home to all different types of arachnids, most of them harmless, but none of them welcome.

A couple of the most identifiable species include:

  • The Cellar Spider 
  • The Black Widow Spider 
  • The Orb Weaver Spider 
  • The Wolf Spider 
  • The Cave Spider

While not all spider species are particularly dangerous or deadly to human health, at least one of the above pests (the Black Widow Spider) can affect human health to the point of hospitalization. Regardless, these creatures are unwelcome sights no matter where they roam on your property.

Every spider species has a unique ‘look’ or physical attribute that separates them from others. However, some common characteristics remain the same between members of the arachnid family:

  • All spiders have eight legs rather than six. This is the primary way to tell the difference between an insect and an arachnid. 
  • Spiders have many eyes, ranging from six to eight. 
  • All spiders have fangs and some sort of venom.

If you have identified a spider in your Folsom home, you likely will want to know just where it came from, how it got in, and why it targeted your home in the first place. You might be surprised by just how simple the answers are.

Reasons Why Spiders Break into Folsom Homes

Spiders break into homes to have access to one of their three major survival factors: food, water, or shelter. Any cluttered or unfrequented area of the home can serve as the spider’s home base, while an uptick in humidity levels and moisture puddles will help spiders keep cool and hydrated. Perhaps the biggest reason that spiders decide to infest a home is due to an underlying pest infestation. These infestations can serve as a steady source of prey all year long. Spiders follow beetles, ants, roaches, and many other types of pests when they migrate indoors. During the spring months here in Folsom, insect activity is ramping up to an all-time high. If you have a spider problem in the home, there is almost always a guaranteed secondary infestation raging just under your nose.

Here are a few prevention tips for both spiders and their pest prey:

  • Seal up entry points around the home. Start by applying waterproof caulking to doors, windows, and cracks forming along the foundations of the home. 
  • Reduce household moisture levels using a desiccant bag or dehumidifier. This will dramatically increase your prevention against spiders and their pest prey. 
  • Have ongoing professional pest assistance that protects your home from infestations at all times.

Need more help? Have your home inspected for spiders or secondary infestations by calling Neighborly Pest Management today.

Protect Your Home From A-Z With Spider Prevention From Neighborly Pest Management

Spiders move into Folsom homes for a reason – but you’ll want them out for good reason, 
too. If arachnids have already broken past your prevention measures, you will likely need to dig deeper to fix the problem. The best way to handle a secondary pest infestation (which ultimately gets rid of any spider problems as well) is to call the pros at Neighborly Pest Management right away. 
Our team is ready to serve you well, no matter what kind of assessments, treatments, or home visits you need to stay spider free. We have years of experience serving the Folsom area and have everything needed to address your concerns as well. Contact Neighborly Pest Management now!