Are Spiders In Sacramento Something To Be Scared Of?

house spider on table

No trip to Sacramento is complete without visiting the western side of downtown. While the midtown and downtown areas might be filled with sparkly new buildings, down by the Old Sacramento Waterfront, people can go back in time by strolling down wood-plank sidewalks. Whether you prefer the old or the new, any building in Sacramento is susceptible to a spider infestation making pest control in Sacramento essential.

How Many Different Types of Spiders Are There?

In North America, there are about 3,000 different types of spiders (most are harmless). While movies have scarred us with creepy spiders, the reality is that only two species are cause for concern. While these dangerous spiders might not look for a fight, they certainly can pack a punch when they are disturbed.

What Kind Of Spiders Are Dangerous To Find In My Home?

The good news for Sacramento residents is that only one type of spider in the area is a cause for concern. Black widows are on the larger side of the spider family and belong to the genus Latrodectus. That’s important because this specific genus can deliver a dangerous and painful neurotoxic bite. Females are typically shiny black/brown with a red hourglass shape under their abdomen; males are smaller, brown, and don’t bite. Bites often go unnoticed until a small painful lesion shows up that typically lasts several weeks before healing. 

Some symptoms that can be associated with a widow bite include:

  • Belly pain
  • Vomiting
  • Aching and cramping muscles
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Sweating

Bites are generally non-life-threatening, although they can be more dangerous for children and people with underlying health issues. Bites can also affect small cats or dogs. As with most spiders, widows seldom bite unless they feel threatened. Widows only become a problem for homeowners when their webs start showing up in areas frequented by pets and people; at that point, it becomes vital to contact pest professionals like Neighborly Pest Management for quick and safe removal.

What Attracts Spiders To Come Inside People’s Homes?

Sacramento spiders are predators that feed on insects and arthropods (lice, ticks, beetles, termites, other spiders, etc.). They primarily enter homes because there is a ready supply of their favorite foods, accessible moisture sources, and quiet places of undisturbed shelter. An increase in their numbers around your home can be good and bad. Good because they can alert you to pest infestations and bad because you may have a pest infestation! When spiders follow their prey into homes, they typically get in the same manner as other pests.

Four ways spiders enter homes include the following:

  1. Hitchhiking on items brought into the home
  2. Through crevices, cracks, and holes in foundations
  3. Gaps around doors and windows
  4. By climbing wires and pipes that come into homes

Removing spiders and the pests they prey upon can be a daunting task for homeowners but not for pest professionals like Neighborly Pest Management. With help from experienced pest professionals, you can send spiders packing.

What Can I Do To Permanently Get Rid Of All The Spiders In My Home?

Even though spiders are essential to the ecosystem, most people want to keep spiders away from their homes. Neighborly Pest Management has over 40 years of pest knowledge at our disposal, and our primary goal is to keep our customers safe and comfortable in their own homes. Whether you prefer traditional treatments or organic, our company offers a service-back guarantee. If the offending pest returns, so do we, at no extra charge! Call Neighborly Pest Management today, and we’ll chase those pests away.