Are These Ants On My Sacramento Property Dangerous?

A Pharoah ant infestation

The holidays have passed, the mildly cooler weather has faded away, and for those of us in Sacramento, the warm promise of summer seems to be right around the corner! Springtime usually passes without too much event here on the West Coast. After all, our weather never quite gets cold enough to make us pay attention! However, the slightly warmer temperatures and lengthening daytime hours has caught the attention of another Sacramento resident: the humble ant. 

Ants have been a staple of California living for as far back as we can remember. Several species can be found right in your own backyard, such as:  

  • The Acrobat Ant 
  • The Argentine Ant 
  • The Fire Ant 
  • The Carpenter Ant 
  • The Little Black Ant 
  • The Pharaoh Ant

These ants are nothing to write home about, and definitely not a huge threat to people, pets, or their property. Right? Wrong! Most of the above ant species are considered to be nuisance pests or pests that only annoy, not destroy. Yet, there are still some species you ought to be cautious about, including fire ants and carpenter ants. You may not realize it, but ant species can be surprisingly dangerous up close. Let’s look at the effects of each ant species below.

The Ants Of Sacramento: The Nuisance, The Destructive, And The Dangerous

Once you have identified an ant or species of ant on your property, you will want to know just how dangerous these pests can really be. Some ants deliver painful stings, other spread diseases, and some may destroy your beloved property bit by bit. Using the six most common species here in Sacramento, the team at Neighborly Pest Management has detailed the following ants into three categories:  

  • The Nuisance Ants: Little black ants and Argentine ants are your average, basic, run of the mill ant varieties in California. Like any other type of ant, these creatures have the ability to contaminate food stores and improperly sealed ingredients, among other things.  
  • The Destructive Ants: Acrobat ants and carpenter ants both have a fascination for household destruction. Acrobat ants are known for destroying electrical wires and phone lines, sometimes causing fires. Carpenter ants will chew through wooden fixtures and support beams in an attempt to create a living space for their colonies. 
  • The Dangerous Ants: Fire ants and Pharaoh ants are two species of pests that have the ability to harm human life. Pharaoh ants spread serious viruses and strains of bacteria, making them enormous threats to hospitals and nursing homes. Fire ants use a painful bite and sting combination to inflict victims with pain, sometimes causing anaphylactic shock.

Any ant species is a suspect ant species, and those that come too close to your home should be shooed away without another word. Protect yourself and your family by getting a thorough home inspection as soon as possible.

Won't You Be Our Pest Control Neighbor? - Neighborly Pest Management

No ant is really ‘just an ant,’ and no ant should ever be truly welcome in your home. The dangers they pose and the problems they create make them a serious issue in any Sacramento property. No matter what type of ant is rapping on your door this spring, have the situation handled quickly and discreetly with Neighborly Pest Management. Our team is prepared to offer nothing but total ant control, keeping your home as safe and neighborly as possible. After all, it’s a part of our job description! Reach out to Neighborly Pest Management to learn more about our total ant control systems and the methods that would be right for you.