The Secret To Effective Ant Control For Roseville Properties

odorous house ants crawling in a kitchen

Ants are often underestimated because of their small size and constant presence, but these critters are a major problem. Not only can they ruin property, but they are also known for hurting people and causing sickness. Their skin is laden with germs. For example, carpenter ants will take down homes and businesses. The bites from odorous house ants in Roseville can be painful. Also, it’s a battle getting rid of pharaoh ants in the area.

With a bit of reading, you’ll discover the secret to killing odorous house ants and other local species. Neighborly Pest Management has ant control solutions that can be helpful to you.

Signs Of An Ant Infestation On Your Roseville Property

To reiterate, some of the common species in the region are carpenter, pharaoh, and odorous house ants. Carpenter ants will stand out to you because they are considerably larger than most, at 0.25 to 0.50 of an inch long. They’re black-colored generally, but lots are brown, tan, yellow, orange, red, or reddish-black. Swarmers, which exist for reproduction, have wings. These bugs create nests and tunnels in wood, so they’re a danger to domiciles and establishments. They often attack logs, lumber, and trees specifically. Your foundations could crumble with carpenter ants around. If you find wood shavings or see swarmers, an infestation is active. Hearing gentle noises from behind walls and having hollow structures are signs as well.

Pharaoh ants are yellow-brown, with black and red marks on their stomach. In relation to length, they’re 0.12 of an inch. Trails of them will surround pipe chases, pantries, and meal packages and boxes. They prefer to be in a sheltered zone. Catching their amber-colored workers verifies that they are rampant. Recurrences with these bugs are typical, which is why getting rid of pharaoh ants is tough.

Odorous house ants are prevalent in human dwellings. The 0.12 inch long insects are brown or black. Water utilities, heaters, and the like magnetize them. Their nesting sites are usually in paneling, structural voids, floor crevices, and carpeting. Moderate pain will be the result of their bites. Sightings point to an invasion. Killing odorous house ants comes with a price for your nose. True to their name, a coconut scent emits from them when they’re crushed.

All The Factors That Attract Ants To A Roseville Property

As with many insects, ants are strongly motivated by food, water, and warmth availability. Odorous house ants in Roseville are particularly drawn to moisture and humidity. 

How To Prevent Re-infestation In Your Roseville Home

Ants can get past cracks and crevices, and their colonies are massive. You’ll struggle to gain headway of an infiltration once it’s developed. That said, preventative methods have to be enacted. Otherwise, your belongings and well-being may be on the line. Be diligent when you perform these tasks:

  • Close up holes in foundations, windows, doors, utilities, and wires. You can try using caulk.
  • Have moisture hitches and leaks repaired immediately.  
  • See to it that window screens and door sweeps are intact.
  • Thoroughly clean the kitchen and dishes regularly.  
  • Take out the trash and vacuum rugs regularly.  
  • Put food and garbage in canisters with airtight lids.  
  • Quickly clean up food messes.
  • Sit greenery and wood two feet from the property.
  • Don’t allow free wood, like carpentry panels, to touch the soil.

Most Effective Solution To An Ant Infestation In Roseville

Ant control solutions from retail stores aren’t strong enough to purge an infestation. Shelf goods can also be toxic. Contact us at Neighborly Pest Management instead. We have safe, eco-friendly, and synthetic avenues, entry point seals, mechanical and physical controls, and more. Odorous house ants and other species won’t survive. Call today for a free inspection!