What It Takes To Get Rid Of A Bed Bug Infestation In Your Roseville Home

bed bug crawling on fabric

If you see one bed bug in your Roseville home, don't make the mistake of thinking it's all alone. Not only do these pests prefer to stay hidden, but they reproduce at an alarming rate. By the time they make their presence known, a bed bug infestation has already taken root in your house. 

Our team at Neighborly Pest Management offers comprehensive Roseville pest control services, including prevention and extermination. So if you've found yourself at the mercy of an infestation, we're here to help. Check out our below guide on what it takes to fight bed bugs, and call us when you're ready to reclaim your home from these nasty insects.

Bed Bug Bites Are Usually The First Sign Of A Problem

Bed bugs in Roseville prefer dark dwellings, which is one reason why they bite while you're sleeping. Late night and early morning hours provide enough cover to remain unseen. As a result, finding the red marks they leave on your skin is usually the first sign you'll find that bed bugs are in your home. 

Once you discover the tell-tale red marks of bed bug bites, you must act fast. Our home bed bug pest control service focuses on a mixture of effective methods to target bed bugs throughout your house. The sooner you call after recognizing you have an infestation, the more straightforward treatment becomes. 

Why Bed Bugs Like To Bite Sleeping People

Bed bugs feed on blood and target sleeping people because they are stationary. These pests aren't the best hunters, so they prefer to find reliable food sources that don't require them to move far from a nest. Sleeping humans provide ample food for little effort. 

While bed bugs aren't known to transmit diseases to humans, their bites irritate and, in some cases, cause severe reactions in victims. As their numbers grow, the biting will worsen. That's another reason you need our local pest control for bed bugs.

Do-It-Yourself Bed Bug Control Is A Waste Of Time And Money

We understand that homeowners want to cut expenses as much as possible, which is reasonable. But eradicating bed bugs is an area where you cannot cut corners and expect results. Here's why going the DIY route will get you nowhere and why you need pro pest control to kill bugs:

  • Bed bugs can hide in the slightest, strangest places: Everyone knows that bed bugs can hide behind walls and beneath the floors, but any opening, no matter how small, can give them a safe place if it's dark. Unfortunately, unless you're an expert, you'll likely miss some of these locations in your hunt.
  • Bed bugs are resilient and can remain hidden for a long time: Say you've enacted a plan to kill the bed bugs in your home, and after a few days, you see no signs of them. That doesn't mean you succeeded. These pests can survive for days without feeding and will likely stay out of sight during those periods. 

You'll pay more money than if you had called an exterminator in the first place. Professional extermination aims to kill all the bugs in a short period because these pests will reproduce quickly, keeping the infestation alive that much longer. You'll get caught playing catch-up without making any headway as you try alternatives.

If you need bed bug control in Roseville, calling on professionals is the only way to guarantee the job will get done. We're so confident in our approach to bed bugs and other pests that we offer a 100% guarantee. You have nothing to lose when you put your faith in Neighborly Pest Management. 

Contact The Pros At The First Sign Of Bed Bugs in Your Home

When dealing with bed bugs, time is of the essence. Let Neighborly Pest Management work closely with you to thoroughly inspect and treat your home and eliminate these harmful parasites. Call us today for a free estimate!