All The Ways Ants Get Into Folsom Homes

ants crawling in the sand

In the greater Northern California area, there are a few species of ants that are common invaders. Argentine ants are among the most common ants found in Folsom. In addition to Argentine ants, pavement ants, carpenter ants, and Pharaoh ants are also commonly found in Folsom. 

All ants have segmented bodies with a head, thorax, and abdomen and range in size from less than 1/16 to ¾ inch long. Most ants are dark brown in color, but some species can be yellow or even red. Reproductive members of the colonies have wings, setting them apart from the rest of the worker ants. Since ants live in colonies, you can be assured that there is always a colony not far away from one ant. Once a colony of ants makes its way into your home, it can be tough to remove. 

Because of this, ant prevention is crucial. In addition to being a nuisance, ants can cause somewhat of a danger to your home and family. Common household ants can be super-spreaders of harmful bacteria and illnesses like E. coli, salmonellosis, and streptococcus. 

How You Can Keep Ants Out Of Your Folsom Home

Ants will use any means necessary to gain access into your home, but the truth is they often don’t have to try very hard to make their way inside. Homeowners unknowingly invite ants into their homes just by being complacent.

A quick inspection of the exterior of your home can reveal multiple spots where ants could be gaining access to your home. Ants will use the wiring coming into your home as a superhighway of transportation, quickly slipping through the smallest of cracks where wiring enters your home. The same is true for pipes and vents that are exposed to the exterior of your house. Follow these simple tips to keep ants from invading your Folsom home:

  • Inspect the exterior of your home frequently for areas where ants can come inside.
  • Use caulking to seal up any gaps or cracks where pipes or wires come into your home.
  • Install vent caps and chimney caps to keep ants out.
  • Install weather stripping, and door sweeps on windows and doors to ensure a proper seal.
  • Replace worn and torn screens immediately.

Prevention Tips To Deter Ants From Your Home

Learning how ants invade your home is the first step in effective ant control. The next step in effective ant control is finding out why ants are drawn to your home and taking the necessary steps to prevent that from happening. Follow these four prevention tips to keep your home free of these unwanted pests:

  • Keep food stored in airtight containers. Ants are attracted to human food and can contaminate your food prep surfaces with the many diseases that they carry.
  • Keep trash areas clean and properly disposed of.
  • Promptly clean up spills in cabinets and around your kitchen.
  • Remember to move large appliances and clean out crumbs and spills regularly.

The Best Form Of Ant Control Is Neighborly Pest Management

The most effective ant control service in Folsom is Neighborly Pest Management. With over forty years of ant control service experience, we offer quality and expertise to our customers. With our bi-monthly pest control plans, our customers also get the peace of mind that their ant infestation is not returning between visits. Call us today for all of your pest control needs.