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The Dangers Of Rodents In Your Folsom Home

November 19, 2020

Sometimes the cutest creatures are also the most dangerous. The question is, how can rodents be dangerous when they many people keep them as house pets? The answer to this comes down to one simple difference; pest mice are wild. They don’t live in cages, don’t eat sanitary foods, and don’t get baths regularly. ... Read More

termites in nest eating wood in a house

Seven Signs Of Termite Damage Around Your Elk Grove Home

November 12, 2020

If a pest were destroying your home, you would know it, right? Despite being incredibly destructive, termites are often not discovered until it is too late. To make sure you know how to spot termites early, here are seven signs of a termite infestation you should keep your eye out for around your Elk Grove home.... Read More

a pharaoh ant infestation

A Step-By-Step Guide To Total Ant Control For Roseville Property Owners

October 28, 2020

Ants are one of the most common problems for Roseville property owners, and you’ll likely have ants at some point if you own a home or business for long enough. However, not all ants look or act the same. Luckily, most ants in the area are just nuisance pests, but there are a few species that can cause property damage or pose health issues.... Read More

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The Secret To Safe & Effective Wasp Control For Your Folsom Yard

October 21, 2020

Flying, stinging insects are some of the most troublesome pests you'll find around your Folsom yard. Even if you're not particularly scared of them, having a wasp flying around you can be upsetting. Being cautious of wasps is a smart way to react as they can be dangerous even to people who aren't allergic to them. ... Read More

a flea jumping on human skin

What You Ought To Know About Fleas In Your Elk Grove Home

October 14, 2020

Fleas are an extremely small pest that you might not think about that often or view as a cause of concern. However, despite their tiny size, fleas are more than just a nuisance pest. They can spread diseases to humans and animals, and even people who don’t have pets can wind up with a flea infestation.... Read More

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