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paper wasp on a fencepost

Pest Spotlight: Paper Wasps In Elk Grove

July 16, 2022

Paper wasps are aggressive with painful stings, and their venom can cause severe reactions. Neighborly Pest Management offers solutions to keep paper wasps away from Elk Grove properties for good.... Read More

wasps on nest

What's Attracting Wasps To My Home In Folsom?

June 17, 2022

Wasp control is essential for your safety and the health of your Folsom, CA property. Learn how to get rid of these dangerous pests and how contacting Neighborly Pest Management for a free quote today can help. ... Read More

termite crawling on wood

How Can I Tell If My Elk Grove Home Has Termites?

June 10, 2022

Protect your home from termites with Elk Grove termite treatment from Neighborly Pest Management. We're experts in termite prevention and treatment, and we take pest problems seriously. Call us today for a free consultation.... Read More

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