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a house mouse crawling behind wires in a home

How To Keep Mice Away From Your Folsom, CA Home

November 20, 2021

No Folsom homeowner should be passive or nonchalant about getting ongoing pest remediation. Hardly any insects or creatures are innocent. They can wreck buildings and personal belongings and send you to the emergency room. If you aren’t injured by a critter’s bite, scratch, or sting, you might be exposed to harmful germs. ... Read More

a carpenter ant crawling on the ground

How To Get Rid Of Ants On Your Roseville, CA Property

September 24, 2021

Do you regularly have trouble with ants inside your Roseville home? If so, it is easy to think that you are doing something wrong. Although this might be the case, you shouldn't think about it as 'you doing something wrong.' Most homeowners don’t take time to research ants to understand why they invade homes.... Read More

cellar spiders hanging on a ceiling

A Step-By-Step Spider-Prevention Guide For Folsom, CA Homes

August 21, 2021

Spiders have their upsides and downsides. For instance, did you know that spiders eat other pests? If you regularly find flies, beetles, cockroaches, and other invasive species in your living areas, you could cull their populations by releasing spiders into your home. ... Read More

a pharaoh ant infestation inside a home

Keeping Dangerous Pharaoh Ants Out Of Elk Grove, CA Homes

August 13, 2021

People don’t usually equate ants to being dangerous. Although incredibly annoying, these pests seem harmless, for the most part. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some species of ants are incredibly harmful to human health. One type of ant that is threatening people in Elk Grove is the Pharaoh ant. ... Read More

a cellar spider crawling on a living roon floor

Why Are There Spiders In My Folsom Home?  

April 21, 2021

Spiders are not just pests reserved for haunted houses or the untouched corners of your basement. As those of us living in Folsom know all too well, spiders can appear in virtually any area of the home! This area of California is home to all different types of arachnids, most of them harmless, but none of them welcome.... Read More

a pharoah ant infestation

Are These Ants On My Sacramento Property Dangerous? 

April 7, 2021

Springtime usually passes without too much event here on the West Coast. After all, our weather never quite gets cold enough to make us pay attention! However, the slightly warmer temperatures and lengthening daytime hours has caught the attention of another Sacramento resident: the humble ant. ... Read More

a bed bug crawling on sheets

Five Signs Of Bed Bugs To Watch For Around Your Roseville Home

November 26, 2020

Many factors contribute to rough sleep. We are here today to talk about one specific problem that is ruining sleep homeowners all around Roseville, bed bugs. If you do not know what bed bugs are, but know you don’t want to share your sleeping area with them, here are five signs to identify these pests around your Roseville home.... Read More

a  hosue ear the foundation of a home

The Dangers Of Rodents In Your Folsom Home

November 19, 2020

Sometimes the cutest creatures are also the most dangerous. The question is, how can rodents be dangerous when they many people keep them as house pets? The answer to this comes down to one simple difference; pest mice are wild. They don’t live in cages, don’t eat sanitary foods, and don’t get baths regularly. ... Read More

termites in nest eating wood in a house

Seven Signs Of Termite Damage Around Your Elk Grove Home

November 12, 2020

If a pest were destroying your home, you would know it, right? Despite being incredibly destructive, termites are often not discovered until it is too late. To make sure you know how to spot termites early, here are seven signs of a termite infestation you should keep your eye out for around your Elk Grove home.... Read More

a pharaoh ant infestation

A Step-By-Step Guide To Total Ant Control For Roseville Property Owners

October 28, 2020

Ants are one of the most common problems for Roseville property owners, and you’ll likely have ants at some point if you own a home or business for long enough. However, not all ants look or act the same. Luckily, most ants in the area are just nuisance pests, but there are a few species that can cause property damage or pose health issues.... Read More

a mud dauber on a flower bud

The Secret To Safe & Effective Wasp Control For Your Folsom Yard

October 21, 2020

Flying, stinging insects are some of the most troublesome pests you'll find around your Folsom yard. Even if you're not particularly scared of them, having a wasp flying around you can be upsetting. Being cautious of wasps is a smart way to react as they can be dangerous even to people who aren't allergic to them. ... Read More

a flea jumping on human skin

What You Ought To Know About Fleas In Your Elk Grove Home

October 14, 2020

Fleas are an extremely small pest that you might not think about that often or view as a cause of concern. However, despite their tiny size, fleas are more than just a nuisance pest. They can spread diseases to humans and animals, and even people who don’t have pets can wind up with a flea infestation.... Read More

a cockroach on a patio

The Problems Cockroaches Can Cause In Your Sacramento Home

October 7, 2020

If you've ever seen a cockroach, you know that they are rather disgusting and off-putting. You also probably realize that cockroaches are a difficult and invasive pest that can cause a lot of problems. However, cockroaches are often worse than you might think.... Read More

flour beetle and larvae

Here's The Best Way To Keep Pantry Pests Out Of Your Roseville Home

September 25, 2020

Pantry pests consist of a variety of different insects that lay their eggs on dried food containers. Once those eggs hatch, the larvae proceed to eat that food. To make matters worse, infestations of these pests can grow quite rapidly. That’s why you should know how to prevent pantry pests from ever getting inside your Roseville home, and what to do should you find yourself dealing with a pantry pest infestation.... Read More

a norway rat in a home basement

What Everyone Ought To Know About Rats Around Folsom

August 20, 2020

No one wants critters crawling about their Folsom property, much less inside of it. And some specimens are hated more than others. Roaches would probably be in the top five on a list of most-hated pests. They’re scary-looking and carry contaminant bacteria. The only creatures that would be higher on the list are rats.... Read More

a bed bug crawling on fabric

Why Professional Bed Bug Control Is The Way To Go In Roseville

July 29, 2020

Ever had a particularly bad sleepless night? The day after sleeping badly, you may have trouble focusing, feel more easily irritated, and even feel increased anxiety or stress. Now imagine having nothing but sleepless nights for two months. With a bed bug infestation, that could be the case if you don’t find the right kind of help. We’re here to walk you through the best and worst ways to deal with a bed bug infestation.... Read More

wasps crawling on their nests

Four Helpful Tips To Keep Wasps Out Of Your Folsom Yard

July 24, 2020

As spring turns into summer, there are more and more reasons to be spending time in Folsom yards.  Unfortunately, we aren’t the only ones who enjoy these outdoor spaces on summer days. Wasps are common stinging insects found in our area. Armed with stingers to paralyze their prey and defend themselves, they are an unwelcome guest at any outdoor event.... Read More

a close up look of a wolf spider on the ground

Elk Grove Property Owner's Practical Guide To Wolf Spider Control

July 16, 2020

Unlike other spiders that hunt using webs, wolf spiders hunt low to the ground, sneaking up on other insects as wolves do with their prey. This act can be jarring when witnessed in real life. The question is, do wolf spiders pose any threat to you or your family, and is there any way you can keep these pests out of your home? Let’s find out.... Read More

a cockroach on a bowl durring a picnic

What Sacramento Pest Experts Want You To Know About Effective Cockroach Control

July 8, 2020

Have you ever flipped a light switch on late at night only to find a small shadow dart under an object nearby? Sometimes it happens so fast you can’t tell what it was. Was it an insect? Most likely it was a cockroach you saw. If this is the case, you could be in serious trouble. As pests go, cockroaches are one of the worst you can have inside your home.... Read More

pavement ants on a a driveway

How Do I Know If The Ants Around My Elk Grove Home Are Dangerous?

June 11, 2020

Some people wonder why they even need to know the often subtle differences between one species of pest or another. The reason is simple: an infestation can be a mere nuisance or a complete hazard, depending on the species. This is especially true of ants, which can range from relatively harmless to downright dangerous.... Read More

a cockroach crawling in a basement

How Bad Can One Little Cockroach In My Roseville Home Be?

April 28, 2020

Cockroaches are some of the most dreaded pests that people in Roseville might encounter. These pests are known for being extremely sturdy and hard to get rid of. Cockroaches can be especially disgusting because they tend to congregate in places like bathrooms and kitchens where they can easily spread germs around and contaminate food sources. ... Read More

a cellar spider crawling in a basement

The Trick To Identifying Spiders In Your Folsom Home

April 22, 2020

One of the most feared and hated pests that people find in their Folsom home is the spider. There are many different species of spiders in the area, but there are some that you’re more likely to see in your home. Many people are scared of spiders because they can be really scary to look at and some spiders can harm humans.... Read More

aphids crawling on plants in a garden

All-About Aphid Control For Your Elk Grove Yard

April 14, 2020

When thinking about pests, you’re probably imagining things like rats, spiders, or ants. While these are often a problem, there are other pests you might encounter that you don’t even know about. An aphid is a pest that might not cross your mind as it’s not as harmful as other species.... Read More

paper wasp crawling on its nest

Roseville Homeowner's Exclusive Guide To Paper Wasps

March 31, 2020

There are many pests that you might encounter in your Roseville home from rats to ants to cockroaches. While there are some pests that don’t really pose many risks, there are others that can be dangerous to health and property.... Read More

a bed bug crawling on bedding

Is It Bed Bugs In My Folsom Home?

March 24, 2020

There are many pests that can be annoying to have around and some that can cause terror. While people get frightened or grossed out by many kinds of pests, one pest that is notorious for giving people the creeps is the bed bug.... Read More

a swarm of termites crawling out of a wall

The Secret To Getting Your Sacramento Home Ready For Termite Season

March 9, 2020

Termites are probably the most notorious pest when it comes to property damage. As termites eat through wooden structures, they can destroy walls, wooden floors, and more. One thing that makes termites so obnoxious is that they can be hard to identify until extensive damage has already been done. ... Read More

a house mouse crawling on a basement floor

How Do Roseville Homeowners Get Rid Of Mice For Good?

February 21, 2020

If you’ve ever experienced a rodent infestation, you know that you never want another one. They smell, they’re dirty, and they can be almost impossible to exterminate without the help of a professional. For those who have been lucky enough not to experience a pest problem, there’s still plenty to worry about in terms of prevention. ... Read More

a roof rat crawling through an attick floor

A Homeowners Guide To Rodents In Sacremento, CA

February 15, 2020

Neighborly Pest Management understands the complications that correspond with a pest infestation. Dealing with an infestation often goes beyond removing the pest itself, specifically when you’re dealing with rats, mice, and other small rodents.... Read More

cockroaches crawling on kitchen table

Folsom’s Step-By-Step Guide To Cockroach Prevention

February 14, 2020

Any responsible homeowner knows that the best way to solve problems is to stop them from happening in the first place. The same is true of pests and keeping them outside of the home. By the time the problem signs present themselves, it’s often too late to eradicate pest populations without expert help. ... Read More

a swarm of termites eating wooden structure

The Secret To Keeping Your Elk Grove Property Termite-Free

February 7, 2020

Some pests may be small, but they can still do a whole bunch of damage. Termites certainly fit into that category: small insects that chew away at the wood that your home relies on for stability. Since they can often go undetected for weeks or months, it’s important to know how to keep them out.... Read More

a flea biting human skin

What Roseville Residents Ought To Know About Natural Flea Remedies

January 31, 2020

Fleas are a pet owner’s worst nightmare. Not only do they make you and your pet miserable, but they can also spread diseases to your pet that may get transmitted to you. Many internet sources tout home remedies that you can use to rid your pet or your home of fleas. Don’t buy into these right away. They might not be as effective as you think.... Read More

a carpenter ant crawling on the ground

Sacramento's Exclusive Guide To Ant Control

January 10, 2020

While ants are difficult to get rid of, you can still prevent them from invading in the first place. Here are some important ant prevention tips you can use to keep your home ant-free.... Read More