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Sacramento’s Guide To Complete Rodent Control

December 3, 2021

Rodents are dangerous pests, but they are also difficult to control. It’s vital to know how to keep them out of your Sacramento, California home. This guide provides simple preventative steps and the best solution to rodent infestations. ... Read More

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The Secret To Effective Rodent Control For Folsom, CA Properties

September 17, 2021

It is common knowledge that rodents are a big problem when allowed to roam freely through homes. Even a pet rodent would be an issue if it were let out of its cage. Keeping this in mind, you do not have to tolerate these furry pests crawling around inside your home.... Read More

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How To Get Rid Of Rodents On Your Sacramento Property

July 5, 2021

Rodents might be the ultimate pests. These small mammals are often more clever than we may give them credit for and can wreak havoc on your property if left unaddressed. They spread disease, they destroy property, and they cause serious stress.  If you’ve got rodents on your property, just getting a good night’s sleep can be a challenge. So, if you’ve been wondering how to get rid of rodents on your Sacramento pro... Read More

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What Elk Grove Property Owners Ought To Know About Squirrel Dangers

December 11, 2020

Feeling a little squirrelly? As the weather cools down this December, Elk Grove residents are settling in for the winter chill. However, cold isn’t the only thing moving in: Elk Grove homeowners should also be wary of squirrels. You might not expect squirrels to be a problem in California, but squirrel infestations happen more often than you’d think... Read More

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The Dangers Of Rodents In Your Folsom Home

November 19, 2020

Sometimes the cutest creatures are also the most dangerous. The question is, how can rodents be dangerous when they many people keep them as house pets? The answer to this comes down to one simple difference; pest mice are wild. They don’t live in cages, don’t eat sanitary foods, and don’t get baths regularly. ... Read More

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What Everyone Ought To Know About Rats Around Folsom

August 20, 2020

No one wants critters crawling about their Folsom property, much less inside of it. And some specimens are hated more than others. Roaches would probably be in the top five on a list of most-hated pests. They’re scary-looking and carry contaminant bacteria. The only creatures that would be higher on the list are rats.... Read More