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a house spider crawling on an arm

Spider Control For Sacramento Homeowners

April 21, 2022

Spiders can be a big nuisance if they get into your Sacramento home. Find out why they find your home attractive and what you can do to prevent them from getting in and how you can keep them out.... Read More

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How Do I Keep Spiders Out Of My Roseville Home?

June 25, 2021

Truthfully, there aren't many spiders that are dangerous for humans, and they're very important creatures for our ecosystem. Still, housing creepy critters like spiders can be a nuisance, and it could mean you have an even worse pest problem on your hands.... Read More

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Elk Grove Property Owner's Practical Guide To Wolf Spider Control

July 16, 2020

Unlike other spiders that hunt using webs, wolf spiders hunt low to the ground, sneaking up on other insects as wolves do with their prey. This act can be jarring when witnessed in real life. The question is, do wolf spiders pose any threat to you or your family, and is there any way you can keep these pests out of your home? Let’s find out.... Read More

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The Trick To Identifying Spiders In Your Folsom Home

April 22, 2020

One of the most feared and hated pests that people find in their Folsom home is the spider. There are many different species of spiders in the area, but there are some that you’re more likely to see in your home. Many people are scared of spiders because they can be really scary to look at and some spiders can harm humans.... Read More