Help! I Can't Seem To Keep Rodents Out of My Sacramento Restaurant!

When you find mice, rats, or evidence of rodent activity inside your Sacramento restaurant, it can be alarming. You know that rodents can impact health inspections and cause you to get a low score. You also understand that rodents can impact the health of your customers and employees, both of which can affect your bottom line. So, what do you do when you detect rodents? Many restaurant owners turn to traps and rodent bait. But it doesn't take long to realize that these don't work very well if you don't know how to deploy them properly. If you're feeling overwhelmed, we understand. Today, we will offer up some insights and tips regarding rodent exclusion. Here's what every Sacramento restaurant owner should know.

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How Rodents Get In, And How To Keep Them Out

Mice and rats have unique abilities and behavior patterns. Some are great climbers, and some are great at burrowing; some are big, and some are small. Here's how it works.

  • Roof rats and certain mice species are adept at climbing. Some can even scale the exterior of buildings like Spiderman. If you want to keep these pests out of your restaurant, you need to be aware that they can access openings that are several feet above the ground. Make sure to protect every possible opening that leads into the structures.

  • When a roof rat or mouse gets onto your roof, there are many ways it can get into your business. These animals chew on roof penetration seals, eaves, shingles, and more, giving them access to roof troughs, roof voids, and attic spaces. Trim branches away from rooflines and put wire mesh in the downspouts of your gutter system to prevent these animals from getting on your roof.

  • If a rodent can fit its head through an opening, his body will follow. If you hope to keep mice and rats out, you have to seal any holes larger than a dime.

  • A mouse or a rat can easily squeeze under a door with no sweep. If you have unprotected doors, install sweeps to help keep rodents out.

  • Leaving exterior doors open is an open invitation for mice and rats to get inside. Train your employees to keep doors closed.

  • The teeth of a rat are strong. A determined rat can chew through materials you wouldn't expect, such as concrete.

  • Norway rats are impressive diggers. If you find a hole near your foundation, it is possible Norway rats have dug down and found a way into your restaurant under the surface of the ground. Providing some excavation or deploying traps will help capture the rat pests.

  • Rotting wood is enticing to a Norway rat or house mouse. If there is any rotting wood on the exterior of your restaurant, it is a good idea to have it fixed. If you don't have the budget to do this, consider applying expanding foam, caulking material, or metal flashing to prevent access.

  • When mice or rats scale the structure's exterior, they can get inside through louvers. If your business has these, you can keep rodents out by installing hardware cloth.

What Attracts Rodents?

It stands to reason that the more rodents you have around your property, the more likely you're going to have rodents getting into your restaurant. A few things attract rodents to the exterior of man-made structures. Remove these to remove what attracts mice and rats to your property.

  • Open trash cans or dumpsters can provide rodents with a buffet of meal options.

  • Objects stacked on the ground will invite Norway rats to create burrows underneath.

  • Objects resting against the outside of the structure, or objects on the ground, will give mice and rats hiding places. A rodent will feel much more comfortable if you give them places to hide.

  • Dense landscaping is a perfect hiding place for rodents. It is also a great place to get a bite to eat. Mice and rats eat bugs.

  • A void underneath a structure will present a harborage option before a mouse or rat gets inside and finds out that your business is filled with places to create nests. Use fencing material to prevent mice and rats from taking advantage of voids.

  • Any exterior food source will be an attractant. Make sure all food is properly protected and stored.

Rodent Management In Sacramento

If rodents are a problem for you, remember that you don't have to battle them alone. Neighborly Pest Management provides industry-leading pest control and Integrated Pest Management for restaurants. Our licensed and experienced pest professionals can guide you in selecting the right control plan for your needs. Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation.